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About clinic

Since the first days of operation of Medical Center Universum Clinic, our team has been focused on building a high-quality medical service. For us, there are no minor aspects, because a quality result always depends on trifles.

Over the years of our activities, we have gained the unique experience of organizing medical services for Ukrainians and foreign nationals.



All this time we have been striving to make use of our knowledge and resources subject to individual characteristics of health and needs of each and every patient. According to feedback from our patients, we have succeeded.

Private patients, Ukrainian and foreign insurance companies, international organizations and corporate businesses feel safe and comfortable in establishing relationships with our Clinic. Moreover, all those for whom safety of their customers is important, namely, hotels, cruise companies, organizers of sports and business events will receive full support.

In October 2016, our first “cradle-to-cradle” medical center opened in Kyiv. This means that all stages of diagnosis and treatment both within our Clinic and with the involvement of the best specialists from other clinics and laboratories are effectively coordinated by our staff.

Contact Universum Clinic, and you will receive professional medical care in full measure and, most importantly, in a timely manner.

Mission and vision

Our Mission

Create community where physician-led teams and patients with different cultural backgrounds can effectively address priorities together around quality and length of life.


Our Vision and Values

Universum Clinic is a multifaceted medical center that provides medical services in accordance with international standards.

We prioritize earning and protecting trust in our relationship with you and your loved ones.

We consider it an honor and our privilege to apply our best knowledge and expertise in addressing your greatest health challenges.

Showing mutual respect for and protecting the dignity of all participants are fundamental principles that guide us – with our medical personnel, with our patients, our family members, and our corporate clients.

By using the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment approaches, Universum Clinic is becoming the standard for other clinics, medical leaders and discriminating patients.


In Kyiv, medical services that are provided at high levels and with international standards are not widely available as in other European capitals. Reading reviews of various medical facilities, one can often come across an opinion that despite the high quality of one aspect, such as medical care, other aspects “lag behind.” Sometimes there is a lack of adequate personal service, or management is incompetent.

As Universum Clinic was formed, our leadership prioritized excellence and detail, deciding that nothing would be relegated to second-rate standards. Thus, we created a medical center in which we ourselves would be proud to work and where we would like to visit as patients.

Universum Clinic started its activities in 2012, launching a service that provides house calls – medical consultations in the convenience of patients’ homes - as requested by several Ukrainian insurance companies, in addition to establishing medical stations within commercial environments.

In 2013, international insurance companies, cruise companies and marine agents began to contact us with requests for medical assistance to crew members and tourists from Europe and the USA on board sea and river vessels calling at Ukrainian ports.

Soon we realized that there was a high, unaddressed demand for convenient, quality medical services with standard, transparent payment methods directed at foreigners coming to Ukraine.

We set out to create our own clinic, where all the necessary requirements imposed on medical institutions in developed European countries would be met. International consultants with broad experience in launching and managing medical institutions of the “western” format were involved in designing the clinic, equipping it, recruiting and training medical personnel, as well as shaping business processes.

On October 1, 2016, the Medical Center “Universum Clinic” was officially opened at 4 Volodymyra Vynnychenka Street in Kyiv.

Our services are not limited to the premises of Universum Clinic. Over the years of our activities, we have gained unique experience organizing comprehensive services for foreign guests, and establishing an effective network of partners. This allows us to provide any medical assistance available in Ukraine, to deliver medicines, as well as to carry out medical transportation both within and outside Ukraine.

We are not just a regular clinic, but a medical service provider - You can share any medical problem with us, and we will do our best to offer you a good solution at the best possible price.

Our Distinctives

Psychological comfort

You will get as much time and attention as needed to resolve the issue and get your understanding of further steps. You will receive detailed answers to all questions. If necessary, you will be given printouts of articles from the generally accepted evidence-based healthcare databases.

Consultations with medical officers, diagnostics and medical procedures are carried out in the most comfortable environment for the patient. If the doctor and the patient are of different gender, an assistant may be invited to the office to create psychological comfort. If you need examination without clothes, we will offer you a disposable cape.

Our medical officers do not discuss patients in the presence of other patients.

You will have a personal “attending physician”

The attending physician is your primary doctor, who will also collect and review all information on the tests, surveys, and results of consultations with other specialists. You will not be simply referred from one medical officer to another, each of whom will give its opinion without taking into account and discussing the opinions of fellow colleagues. If in the course of examination and treatment any other medical officer becomes the doctor in charge, they will assume responsibility for being the lead. Our doctors communicate with one another. In all controversial situations, our specialists make decisions collectively, which significantly reduces the risk of errors.

You will have a choice

We will offer all the treatment options available and together we will choose the best option. Having chosen the option, we will not just put down the prescriptions for you to handle them on your own, but we will coordinate the processes stepwise with the help of medical assistants by collecting the results of examinations in due time and reminding you of further steps.

Principle of evidence-based medicine

We have no medical officers with special knowledge and techniques that are inaccessible by others, or those who offer “author's techniques”, developed on the basis of their “long-term” experience.

All our treatment methods strictly comply with the generally accepted and accessible principles of evidence-based medicine. This means that you will not be exposed to dangerous or useless treatment methods.

Personalized medicine

The only right treatment plan rarely exists in medicine if at all. We do take into account the individual characteristics of the patient. The same treatment methods affect patients differently, depending on certain factors (genetic, etc.). The principle of evidence-based medicine does not mean that there is “one remedy for all,” but allows some choice, rejecting only methods with unproved efficacy.

Preventive approach to the treatment of diseases

Our goal is to extend the active and enduring life of each patient. In this context, we encourage our patients to undergo regular check-ups so as not to be distracted by the diseases and their treatment. A personalized approach to the formation of a periodic health examination allows reducing the number of tests and analyses by 2-3 times. We do know what to check and at what point.


We have no compromises on privacy issues. Under no circumstances will your personal or medical information be given to any unauthorized persons. You can determine yourself the scope of persons who will be allowed access to your medical information.

Settlement of issues directly with the insurance company

The number of Ukrainian and international insurance companies accrediting the Clinic is constantly increasing. In most cases, we coordinate and arrange settlements directly with insurance companies, so that you don't have to waste your time.


Our promises

Every patient is guaranteed:

  • Sterility of our instruments

The Clinic accommodates a sterilization room and special conditions for storing instruments. Sealed sterile envelope is opened only in the presence of the patient.

  • Infection control

In our operations, we comply with all applicable asepsis and antisepsis rules. All surfaces and cabinets are processed in a timely manner so that to exclude the risk of infection from other patients.

  • Safety of movement in the Clinic for children and people with special needs

We equipped a completely barrier-free environment: handrails on the walls, no thresholds throughout the clinic, non-slip coating at the entrance and inside the Clinic. For people with special needs, we provided an entrance ramp and the necessary facilities that facilitate movement within the Clinic.

  • Prescription of treatment based on the principles of evidence-based medicine

Our service standards are fully consistent with the standards adopted in developed countries, and therefore, we have the right to be called an international clinic. In order to keep up with the times, our medical officers use generally accepted evidence-based healthcare databases (such as UpToDate®, etc.). As a result, we make the most accurate medical decisions based on the latest achievements of the international medical community. We do not diagnose “dysbacteriosis” or “vegetative-vascular dystonia”, but look for the underlying cause of the problem.

  • Attachment to a personal doctor

This means that your family practitioner will handle the majority of medical requests, with a specialized doctor involved only if necessary. When we involve any third-party clinics, laboratories and/or diagnostic centers, all information is also gathered and analyzed by the personal attending physician.

  • Privacy

Your personal information will be processed and stored in strict accordance with the provisions of Law of Ukraine No. 2297-VI “On Personal Data Protection” as of June 1, 2010.

  • No queues

The patient record schedule excludes queues. We allocate at least 45 minutes for the initial consultation with a specialist. Our employee will personally accompany you to the desired office.

  • Use of safe medicines with proven efficiency

We use only duly registered medicines. Moreover, if any therapeutic agent is registered, but not included in the list of recommended medicines in accordance with the principles of evidence-based medicine, it will not be used or recommended by us. For this reason, we do not use and do not prescribe most of the drugs related to immunomodulators, hepatoprotectors, drugs that improve cerebral circulation, as well as other classes of drugs with unproven efficiency. At your request, we will provide comprehensive information about any therapeutic agent that we use in our Clinic.

  • Consideration and response to all requests to the Clinic's administration

We know that the quality of our operations is determined by the degree of your satisfaction. We guarantee that all your requests will be considered, and that each and every request will be answered without fail within 14 days as from the date of request.

  • Material compensation in case of a reasonable claim

If the claim submitted to our Clinic in writing is reasonable, you are eligible for financial compensation from the Clinic.

Non-Discrimination Notice

Discrimination is against the Law

All people are unique; this is their value and beauty.

Within the field of medical services, the Universum Clinic Team works tirelessly and carefully to create conditions of maximum comfort for each patient who visits our Medical Center.

We act in accordance with the Civil Code of Ukraine to uphold the equality of each patient, regardless of religion, nationality, race, gender, physical and mental abilities, age, social status, sexual orientation and gender identification.

We provide free translation/interpreting services within the Medical Center to anyone who does not speak Ukrainian and Russian. If you need such services, please kindly inform our reception personnel.

For people with special needs, our Clinic has provided a barrier-free environment, anti-slip flooring and necessary facilities to assist their movement. Moreover, specially equipped lavatories are available. If you need assistance, please kindly inform our reception personnel.

Our Team is composed of people of different ages, convictions, nationalities, and religions. Here every employee utilizes their unique experience and talents. Teamwork inspires, contributes to an in-depth study of the patient's problem and achievement of better results.

We all share a serious and sincere approach to the patient's health and wellbeing.

If you believe that any of the aforementioned services were not provided to you at Universum Clinic, or that your civil rights were violated on any grounds, you are entitled to file a complaint electronically to our e-mail address med@uniclinic.com.ua or in writing to our receptionist.

Your complaint will be considered by our Customer Support as soon as possible.