Healthy Ukrainian Guide
55 23.05.2023

Author of the article: Mariya Sobchenko


Healthy Ukrainian Guide

«Health is a kind of harmony, the limits of which are very wide and not the same for everyone»

Galen is a Greek doctor and surgeon

How you can support your body to be healthy and manage stress? How our habbits change our life?

Universum.Clinic Team created special guide based on international evidence based facts with doctor's recommendations which help you to keep your body healthy and take care about yourself

  Basic statements:

Air quality
Air quality
Sleep Mode
Sleep Mode
Active lifestyle
Active lifestyle

Air quality 

   Fresh and humid air improve oxygen saturation and stabilize nervous system. Recommended temperature in rooms 22 *C, humidity 40-60%.

Sleep Mode

   Daily reloading sleep from 7 to 9 hours is necessary. The best time for falling asleep until 11PM. It is highly recommended to falling asleep and wake up at the same time each day.

Active lifestyle

   Moving is necessary daily activity which helps to keep physical body condition normal and manage stress.

   Keep your moving activity daily, 7K steps and light physical activity (yoga, pilates, stretching).

   Sport activity during week: 45 min swimming, 40 min twice a week yoga, any other physical activity more than 150 min weekly in according to your health status.

Healthy Eating Guide:

  • Choose white meet or fish 
  • Avoide proceeded meet and fish (sausage products, cannes goods etc)
  • Limit twice a week eating red meet (beef, pork, lamb, veal)
  • Use salt no more than 1 tea spoon (5 gr) also adding salt in sauces and ready-melt meals)
  • Add to you daily menu all possible season vegetables, fruits, berries, green slads
  • Use fermented milk products after doctor's prescribtions (cheeses, no-sugar yougurts etc)
  • Limit ready-melt sweets, flour products, sugar including added sugar (sauces, ready-melt meals)
  • Control coffein (1-3 cups of coffee no added shugar or milk are safety. You can ask your doctor how many coffee are safety for you individual)
  • Avoid sweet drinks (juces, sweet tea, sweet carbonated drinks). It is not liquid - it is food with high sugar level
  • Eat prebiotic products for adjuvant intestine bacterias: potatoe, wallnuts, cacao, corn, seaweed, bananas, apples, flax seeds, oat groats, lentils, chickpeas, asparagus, fermented products (apples, cucumberries, cabbage)

Healthy habbits:

  • Daily water necessity from 2K ml non-carbonated water, 200 ml low-alkaline included
  • Smoking reject
  • Limit alkohol drinks
  • Control with doctor your individual optimal weight

You can manage your stress and stress effects:

  • Sleep for health Brain and nervous system work with another frequency and activity during sleep. Sleep is perfect for reload nervous system and cleanliness from irritants.
  • Healthy food. In fact, healthy food is daily detox for body and enreach body with useful nutritive elements for healthy body activity.
  • Physical activity. Musculs activity, blood circulation and enreach cells with oxygen started natural processes and neuromidiators for blood pressure stabilization, remove anxienty and help to utilize stress hormons.
  • Fiction Reading. Person fix attention and consciousness during reading and brain create the picture and create into life text. Choose your favorite books to reload brain.
  • Listening to music. During listening to music brain switch to another frequent of information analyze. Music helps to decrease activity of brain mygdaleum which is responsible for constant impulses circulation. It can be any music you like, wich calm down you personally.

International recommendations for medical prevention and research::

For Women:
  1. Blood count, urine count, TTG, blood glucose, liver and kidney tests, stool hidden blood (after 45 or after doctors prescriptions) 
  2. Gynecologists consultation (5-10 day of cycle), PAP test
  3.   US diagnostic of mammary gland (5-10 day of cycle) mammography after 40 y.o
  4.  Anemia diagnostic, Vitamin D deficiency diagnostic after doctor's prescription
  5. Dermatologist consultation, dermoscopy of moles and nevi
For men:
  1. Blood count, urine count, TTG, blood glucose, liver and kidney tests, stool hidden blood (after 45 or after doctors prescriptions)
  2. PSA test for prostate cancer screening 
  3. For smokers with smoke history over 20 years and aged 45 years CT or chest X-ray
  4. Dermatologist consultation, dermoscopy of moles and nevi

VACCINATION. Please, check yourself or ask for GP st help routine vaccinations and repeat routine vaccinations in according to international schedule.

  1. Viral Hepatitis A and B (Engerix, Twinrix, Havrix)
  2. Pneumococcal infection (Prevenar 13)
  3. Meningococcal infection (Menactra, Nimenrix)
  4. Human papillomavirus (Cervarix, Gardasil)
  5. Flu vaccination (GC Flu, Vaxigrip)
  6. Chickenpox vaccination (Varilrix)
  7. Diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus (Boostrix)
  8. Measles, rubella, mumps (MMR, Priorix)
  9. Yellow fever (Stamaril)
  10. Tick-borne encephalitis (FSME imune)

Author of the article:

Mariya Sobchenko
Mariya Sobchenko
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