Myths and reality around the theme of coronavirus infection COVID-19

Author of the article: Valeriya Romanenko

Medical director, Family Physician, Emergency Chief

How many myths related to coronavirus infection COVID-19 still exist?

Colleagues from UNIVERSUM.CLINIC, referring to WHO information, provide explanations and refute myths about the reaction of the body.

  • Is there a connection between smoking and specific lung response to coronavirus?

  • Is coronavirus infection so dangerous?

  • Why collective immunity is so important?

Smoking VS coronavirus COVID-19.

Smoking causes a constant inflammatory process in the bronchopulmonary tract at the biochemical level. Therefore, smokers are constantly present immune cells and enhanced processes of local inflammation. But this does not mean that a large amount of local immune cells and active immune processes protect a person from the virus. For antiviral protection in the lungs the mucociliary system should function without changes (this is the internal system that provides many processes, including movement, moisturizing and releasing the bronches from foreign parts and viruses also).

Smoking changes the normal functioning of the lungs and bronches. Therefore, it must be remembered that smokers are in the zone of increased risk of damage to the bronches and lungs, including at risk for the complexity of the course of coronavirus infection.

The danger of coronavirus to humans and the health system as a whole.

Coronavirus infection is dangerous for each person specifically and for the health care system as a whole.

For people, there is a high danger in next risk groups:

  • people over 65 y.o.
  • people with diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • people with metabolic disorders: diabetes mellitus, impaired glucose tolerance, changes in the thyroid gland, autoimmune diseases,
  • with disorders of the blood coagulation system, etc.

With regard to the health system, the danger is that at the same time none of the health care systems in any country in the world can provide specific assistance to a huge amount of people.


What is collective immunity?

What is collective immunity? This is when at the same time more than 80% of people living in a certain territory have a formed immunity to a certain disease. Then such a disease has no chance of an outbreak, because a virus or bacterium that is transmitted from person to person does not cause the disease. Collective immunity is achieved either by vaccination or the simultaneous immune response of a large population to a specific virus or bacterium by creating an immune response and not spreading the disease.

The more people encounter the virus, being healthy, immune system will form a response and the more disease will not appear, the faster collective immunity and the absence of outbreaks will occur.

In the case of coronavirus infection most of the information is researching still. But obvious is that restrictive quarantine measures and attention for people from the risk group are needed.

For people who are not at risk before the vaccine appear, need to lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of the body to ensure an active immune response and immunity formation.


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