Vaccination passport

Author of the article: Valeriya Romanenko

Vaccination passport

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we faced many limitations. One of them was the complication of travel between countries. What is the way out of this situation? After all, everyone is so eagerly waiting for free travel abroad and new experiences. The international community has concluded that it is necessary to create a document certifying the presence of coronavirus vaccinations. Countries have decided to issue vaccination passports (so-called "co-passports").

What is a vaccination passport?

The vaccination passport is an international certificate that confirm a vaccination with two doses of the vaccine approved for prophylaxis of COVID-19. Ukraine is still negotiating the recognition of our vaccination certificate in the international arena. In our country, citizens who have received vaccines approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) can obtain such a document. The possibility of expanding the information for this certificate is discussed.

What is a vaccination passport?

Why do you need a vaccination passport?

Faced with the new realities, we must recognize that coronavirus vaccination certificates will be a necessary requirement. A vaccination passport is required for free movement around the world without constant PCR or express antigen. In addition, the possibility of "internal" use of the certificate in Ukraine is being discussed. This means the use of passports in the "red zones", when closing shopping centers and crowded places.

What does a vaccination passport look like?

There are two possible options in Ukraine. The first is a paper certificate. It is filled in English and Ukrainian. It shows the data of the vaccinated person, the dates of vaccination, the number of doses, the manufacturer of the vaccine, the stamp of the health care institution, the signature of the doctor and the patient. The passport can also contain a QR code for quick scanning by border services and facilitating the crossing of international borders. The document is valid from 180 days to 1 year (still under discussion), but it is possible to extend its validity.

The second option is electronic and is currently being tested. It will run on the «Diya» platform and may even be able to replace the paper version. The vaccinated person's identity card is synchronized with the E-Health system.

What is the cost of a vaccination passport?

You don’t not need to pay for a vaccination passport. The COVID-19 vaccination certificate is now free of charge under the National Coronavirus Vaccination Program.

What is required to obtain a vaccination passport?

To obtain a vaccination passport, you must have a declaration with a family doctor and a passport of a citizen of Ukraine. Also, you must receive two doses of the vaccine approved by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, at intervals recommended by the vaccine manufacturer.

Vaccination passport

Where can I get a passport?

An international certificate of vaccination against coronavirus can be obtained at the site of the second dose of the vaccine or by a family doctor after a full course of vaccination.