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Medical Laboratory

Medical Laboratory

Medical laboratory in UNIVERSUM.CLINIC


An important component of almost any diagnosis is to provide high-quality diagnostic tests, analysis. At the same time comfortable conditions, high-quality service and saving of personal time should be created for the patient. The medical laboratory in the private clinic Universum in Kyiv unquestionably meets such requirements. You do not need to look for an additional laboratory to take tests and spend your time on it. We will provide you with professional laboratory diagnostics services.

We have several significant advantages. For example, our medical laboratory has the most modern equipment. Our personal will provide high-quality material collection with minimal damage. Our medical center create comfortable conditions for clients.

Urgent analyzes in UNIVERSUM.CLINIC

From now on, UNIVERSUM.CLINIC's own express laboratory has the opportunity to pass urgent tests and get the result even in 20-30 minutes without changing the cost of tests!

General clinical research, hematology, biochemistry, determination of blood group and rhesus factor, etc. - not the whole list of possibilities of the laboratory.

Urgent analyzes is:

- readiness of results in 30-40 minutes, and some of them can be received even in 20 minutes

- the ability to take tests at any time, regardless of food intake (our doctors take responsibility for deciphering tests, not on an empty stomach)

- there are no special rules for preparation for most tests

- the opportunity to take all the necessary tests at home and get the results within a few hours (taking into account the time of return to the laboratory)

When urgency is important:

- confirm or refute the preliminary diagnosis;

- quickly adjust treatment and appointments;

- to save the client's time and solve the health issue within one visit to the clinic;

- in matters of treatment of children, an urgent analysis will allow you not to lose important hours and quickly prescribe treatment for babies.

General urine analysis (in English)
240 ₴
General blood test (in English)
240 ₴
Determination of blood groups and rhesus factor (in English)
210 ₴
Indicators of hemostasis – coagulogram (in English)
560 ₴
Determination of D-dimer concentration in blood serum (in English)
360 ₴
Determination of serum albumin content (in English)
200 ₴
Determination of serum creatinine (in English)
200 ₴
Determination of total bilirubin in serum (in English)
200 ₴
Determination of direct bilirubin in serum (in English)
200 ₴
Determination of alanine aminotransferase content in blood serum (in English)
200 ₴
Determination of aspartate aminotransferase content in blood serum (in English)
200 ₴
Determination of serum amylase content (in English)
200 ₴
Determination of ALP-alkaline phosphatase content in blood serum (in English)
200 ₴
Determination of CRP-C-reactive protein content in blood serum (in English)
200 ₴

Why laboratory tests are critically important?

You can use the services of our medical laboratory for:

  • Diagnosis and differential diagnosis;
  • Monitoring the progress of prescribed treatment;
  • Before medical manipulation or surgery;
  • During the medical examination, etc.

Advantages of the Universum Clinic laboratory:

• Accuracy. High-quality equipment, professional laboratory assistants, European reagents.

• Speed. Ability to perform urgent analysis in 20-40 minutes

• Comfort in the clinic. A welcoming atmosphere, minimal waiting time for a result, quick doctor's feedback.

In the laboratory of Universum Clinic, it is possible to carry out urgent analyzes, which is important when adjusting the doctor's prescriptions, or at the first visit to the clinic to confirm or refute the diagnosis.

The readiness of urgent analyzes is 20-40 minutes, which helps to significantly save time and money.


The medical laboratory of our clinic provides the possibility to perform a wide range of tests:

  • Express tests;
  • Thyroid panel;
  • Reproductive panel;
  • Prenatal diagnostics panel;
  • Oncology panel;
  • Pituitary-adrenal indicators;
  • Growth factors;
  • Osteoporosis panel;
  • Diabetes panel;
  • Cardio-rheumatoid panel;
  • Anemia control panel;
  • Hematology panel;
  • Biochemical panel;
  • Hepatitis and HIV;
  • TORCH infections;
  • Immunological panel;
  • Autoimmunological panel;
  • Allergy panel;
  • Genetic research.

Express testes

A big advantage of the private clinic Universum is the performance of rapid tests in Kiev, the results of which you can get at a consultation in a private clinic or when our doctors visit us at home.

  • Express glucose test;
  • Troponin test;
  • Ketone bodies in the urine;
  • Express test for group A streptococcus in throat swab samples;
  • HIV rapid test;
  • Express Drug Test (Sniper 5) ;
  • Hepatitis A rapid test;
  • Express test for hepatitis B;
  • Hepatitis C rapid test;
  • Express flu test;
  • Urine express test, 11 parameters (ascorbic acid, glucose, bilirubin, ketones, specific gravity, blood, pH, protein, urobilinogen, nitrites, leukocytes) ;
  • Express test for the diagnosis of syphilis.

Rules for taking analysis

The rules for preparing for basic analyzes in the corresponding section at the link.


In the Universum Clinic the prices for blood tests are fixed and showed in the price list.

The list includes only basic analyzes. Check with the contact center operators for details