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Urine analysis for children in Universum.Clinic

Urine is an extremely valuable fluid of the child's body. A change of any indicator is an important diagnostic criteria. It is important to notice changes in the urine in children, as they can signal serious problems. Qualitative and accurate analysis of urine is the key to making a correct diagnosis. You can make an appointment in the Universum clinic. Our medical laboratory will provide the high-quality results.

Why do doctors prescribe a urine test?

➢    To check the general health condition of a young organism. A doctor of Universum Clinic in Kyiv can recommend a urine test as part of a routine consultation, medical examination in kindergarten or school, preparation for surgery, etc.

➢    To diagnose a disease. A doctor of the medical center may offer to pass a urine test if a child has abdominal or back pain, frequent or painful urination, blood in the urine or other problems.

➢    Infants cannot indicate the location and nature of the pain. Therefore, this method of diagnosis can be prescribed by specialists to confirm or rule out the suspicions.

➢    To check the effectiveness of a prescribed treatment for a child, and the progress of recovery.

Preparation for urine analysis in a private clinic

  • A day before the analysis, it is recommended not to eat vegetables (beet, carrot, etc.) and fruits that can change the urine color; do not take diuretics.
    • Before urine collection, thoroughly clean the external genital organs. Girls are not recommended to take the urine test during menstruation.

Rules for collecting material

Preparation for the sampling for infants:

For newborns and children who are still using a diaper and cannot control the process of urination, in addition to the container, we will need a sterile urinal bag with a volume of 100 or 200 ml. It is better to buy several bags in case if the first attempt to take the sample is unsuccessful.

Following the instructions, make sure the package is tightly closed, then open it and take the urinal bag out of the package.

Remove the protective film from the adhesive layer and attach the bag to the child's body:

  • for boys, the penis should be placed in the bag together with the scrotum, so that the bag is between the baby's legs
  • for girls, it should be attached to the skin around the labia majora, so that the bag is between the baby's legs. The adhesive layer should not touch the anus

After taking the sample, it is necessary to carefully detach the bag, trim its edge with scissors and pour the required amount of urine into a non-sterile container. On average, 10 ml of urine is enough.


Do not use the urine bag if the protective packaging has been damaged or removed. Do not leave the bag longer than 1 hour and do not leave it overnight. If the desired result is not achieved within an hour, discard the bag and use another one.


Rules for sampling for older children:

  • Collect the middle part of the morning portion of urine immediately after sleep. A sufficient amount of urine is 50-70 ml.
  • The container with urine must be hermetically sealed and delivered to Universum Clinic no later than 3-4 hours after collection.

Prises and services

In Universum Clinic, urine test prices are fixed and indicated in the price list. You can read the list of the cost of services below: