At Universum Clinic, breastfeeding mothers are provided with all-round deep support. Pediatricians and family doctors receive specialized additional training, mastering new knowledge and skills of breastfeeding. Nurses and doctors provide assistance in the first application of the baby to the breast, talk about the establishment of the lactation process. Children get enough nutrients from mom's milk, and women feel the joy and pleasure of feeding and communicating with their baby.

Breastfeeding specialist advice in Kiyv

As part of the breastfeeding consultation, the specialist will dispel myths and provide reliable evidence on all nuances of lactation - the most important period in the life of the mother and child. Women can come to the appointment even before childbirth, in the last months of pregnancy. Communication with a counsellor is also possible upon return from the maternity ward. It is obligatory to schedule an appointment with a doctor to make sure that feeding is organised correctly and that the baby absorbs all the components necessary for healthy development together with the mother's milk.

What will a breastfeeding specialist can teach mother?

Breastfeeding newborns in a natural and harmonious way solves many questions with emotional, physical and even intellectual health and development of children. Close contact with your mother minimizes the level of stress hormones in your baby's body, so it is essential to properly organize the lactation process. A BF counselor will help you with this.
A pediatrician at the Universum Clinic will teach a woman to choose the right posture for feeding and apply the baby to the breast, to follow the necessary hygienic procedures, to decant, store and heat milk. Also, the doctor will learn the techniques needed for heavy lifting and compaction of the breast areola, will tell you about the construction of a proper diet and optimal daily routine.

When do I need to see a doctor?

In some cases, an unscheduled visit to the doctor is required. You should consult a doctor when you have the following situations:
  • the skin on the baby's hands and feet has turned yellowish;
  • no stools or urine;
  • unusual coloration of feces and urine (dark color after the fourth and third day of life);
  • it's difficult to wake up a newborn for feeding.

Breastfeeding consultation: price

The cost of all services is fixed in private clinic in Kyiv, and women can see the price level before visiting a specialist:
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