Lytvynenko Oleksandr Petrovych

Lytvynenko Oleksandr Petrovych

What diseases are treated

Measurement of the musculoskeletal system

Disc protrusion, disc herniation



Scoliotic posture

Cardiovascular diseases

Hormonal disorders

Diseases of the respiratory tract

Performs types of massages:

therapeutic massage,

preventive massage,

sports massage,

anti-cellulite massage;

postisometric relaxation


Knowledge of languages




- scientific and practical conference for massage therapists "Diagnostic and therapeutic osteopathy", Kyiv, 2018;

- VI scientific and practical conference for massage therapists, Kyiv, 2019;

- 7th scientific and practical conference for rehabilitators, massage therapists, osteopaths, Kyiv, 2020;

- scientific and practical conference on massage, rehabilitation and osteopathy, Kyiv, 2021.


From the Academy of Professional Education of Beauty Industry Specialists "Partner":

"Kineseological taping";

"Rehabilitation of the patient in the massage room";

"Sports massage";

"Healthy body in one course of therapy";

"Fitness Massage";


"Practical Kinesiology";

"Adapted massage techniques in the comprehensive treatment and prevention of congenital and acquired dysfunctions."


"Postisometric relaxation and diagnostic tool for massages" from the Vocational and Technical Educational Institution "Partner Plus";

"Acupoint massage with the basics of reflexology" from the MPP "alternative Medicine".

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