Onoh Daryna

Onoh Daryna

Family doctor, Pediatrician, Anesthesiologist
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2015 - Onoh D.V., Tantsyura L.D., Stadnik I.A., Dovbnya Y.V.: «Epidural anesthesia during surgical interventions in newborns».

2019 - Tantsyura L.D., Belyaev A.V., Bilorus V.V., Zub V.O., Onoh D.V.: «Vasopressor-resistant hypotension in premature newborns: international recommendations and own observation experience».

2012 - Kiev Medical University (UASM).

2012 - 2014 - Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, pediatric anesthesiology.

2019 - First Class Doctor.

Association of Anesthesiologists of Ukraine.

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