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Information for hotels

Universum Clinic provides comprehensive support to Kyiv hotels in organizing medical services for guests.

Kyiv offers a well-developed service for foreigners coming to Ukraine for planned medical procedures. Such patients are accompanied at all stages of the provision of medical services. However, if a foreign tourist suddenly falls ill, the success of providing quality service and medical care is currently overly dependent on the occasion and on who was ready to help at the critical moment.

Our experience shows that one of the main issues of concern to foreign guests of hotels when seeking medical care is the possibility of communication with medical officers and their competence. In addition, guests are concerned about what will happen if the competence of visiting medical officers is not enough and they need secondary care in public clinics.

Such concerns are not groundless. We repeatedly witnessed the situations where the hotel guest was ultimately left somewhere in the infectious diseases hospital or neurosurgical hospital without any connection with the hotel or medical staff who picked up the patient from the hotel.

The public clinics expect someone to buy medicines, surgical materials, pay for the services of medical officers, nurses, but they cannot talk to the patient due to the language barrier. As a result, foreign patients often do not even have a rough understanding of the treatment plan and options.

Our philosophy is completely different:

Universum Clinic responds to all medical requests.

When it is necessary to organize medical care, a hotel employee contacts our round-the-clock Ukrainian / Russian / English speaking call center.

From then onward, no matter what kind of care the patient needs, we will keep the situation under control until it is logically resolved:

  • we will arrange a doctor’s visit to the hotel
  • if advanced diagnostics and the involvement of specialized doctors is necessary, we will deliver the guest to our Clinic
  • in the absence of the necessary specialist or equipment in our Clinic, we will escort the patient to the other clinic
  • in case of an emergency (loss of consciousness, convulsions, severe injuries), we will call the city ambulance, because it is most likely to arrive the fastest. Meanwhile, our medical coordinator will also arrive in the shortest possible time to coordinate further actions and assist in communicating with the patient
  • if hospitalization is required at any clinic in Kyiv, we will accompany the patient and make sure that this option will be optimal for him.

If necessary, we will transfer the patient to the other clinic, discuss options with the patient and take into account their wishes and capacities (including financial):

  • we will organize the purchase and delivery of all necessary medicines and materials, regardless of the patient’s location, and we will coordinate payments for medical services
  • we will meet patient’s household needs (nurse, clothes, food, newspapers)
  • we will provide communication with all interested persons (relatives, insurance company, embassy) with the patient’s permission
  • we will organize the return of the patient to the country of residence with the necessary service support (air tickets, transfers, etc.)
  • if medical support is necessary, we will also arrange transportation to the patient’s country of residence with an experienced medical team and the necessary equipment
  • if the patient has a health insurance policy, we will ensure coordination of the treatment and settlements with the payer. We cooperate with almost all major international insurance companies.

We are also ready to take the following measures to meet the hotel’s needs:

  • organize a medical exam room at the hotel to assist guests and hotel staff, perform pre-trip medical check-ups for drivers, conduct periodic health examinations and arrange seasonal vaccinations of employees
  • conduct first aid trainings for hotel staff
  • provide first-aid kits, automatic defibrillators and train hotel staff how to use them.

We will gladly take on all the issues relating to the provision of medical care for hotel guests and staff, keep any medical situations under control, regardless of their level of complexity, as well as to follow medical tasks to their logical end.

If you have any questions about this medical service, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +38 (044) 599-54-05 or e-mail and we will respond as soon as possible.

Information for cruise lines

Universum Clinic has been engaged in professional medical care for international cruise lines in Ukraine since 2013.
We provide round-the-clock competent medical assistance to crew members and passengers traveling by river-sea cruise ships throughout the voyage.

Thanks to the well-established network of partners, we are able to promptly organize medical care, including emergency hospitalization of a patient in any condition to a private or public medical institution throughout Ukraine.

When it is necessary to arrange medical care, the vessel’s doctor or an authorized representative (cruise manager, tour guide) contacts our round-the-clock Ukrainian- / Russian- / English- speaking call center, regardless of the vessel’s location. From then onward, we will take care of all the logistics, transportation, medical care, delivery of medicines, settlements with the insurance company, patient’s return to the country of residence, booking hotels, buying tickets, etc.

For shipowners and cruise lines, the Universum Clinic team offers all medical services on the one-stop service delivery basis.

This service includes outsourcing of the following activities:

  • legal execution of permits for the provision of medical services on board a cruise ship
  • selection of medical personnel for the vessel and their prompt replacement if necessary
  • registration of the medical personnel of the vessel as employees of our company
  • provision of an on-board medical center with necessary medicines and consumables
  • provision of medical care to employees of your company (crew, guides, translators/interpreters)
  • organization of medical examinations (before employment and period), vaccinations, drug tests for staff
  • organization of trainings for medical personnel, extension of certificates
  • organization of first aid trainings for non-medical personnel
  • on-board sanitary and hygienic control (including sampling in the kitchen)
  • organization of the package of measures to ensure HSE (Health, Security, Environment) management, including an assessment of health risks related to the environmental and production conditions. According to global best practices, in addition to the comprehensive set of mandatory safety measures, this package includes services to ensure the hygienic and medical well-being of employees.

Information for shipowners, P&I clubs, crewing agencies and port agents

The Universum Clinics team has been experts in organizing professional medical care for crew members and passengers of cargo and cruise vessels in the seaports of Ukraine since 2013.

In case of a medical problem on board, our round-the-clock call center receives information about the event from the ship’s doctor or the shipowner’s representative. By the time the vessel calls at one of the ports, we will prepare all necessary documents for the prompt organization of medical care.

In case of illness, we are ready to provide the following management options:

  • outpatient visit to the Clinic
  • ambulance with hospitalization
  • on-board delivery of the necessary medicines for the patient.

We will also organize the following non-emergency services:

  • vaccination against yellow fever and other infections
  • drug tests
  • regular scheduled medical examination of a crew member in accordance with the employer’s requirements (Re-employment medical examination)
  • primary medical examination of an applicant in accordance with the employer’s requirements (Pre-employment medical examination)
  • on-board delivery of medicines and consumables to replenish stocks of the medical center.

If necessary, we will organize a procedure for removing the crew member or passenger from the ship for medical reasons (medical disembarkation) in coordination with the authorized representatives of the vessel.

If the patient is medically compelled to remain on shore and will not return to the vessel, we are ready to take care of the organization of further treatment of the patient and their subsequent return to the country of residence. We communicate with the customer in English.

If you have any questions about this medical service, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +38 (044) 599-54-05 or e-mail We will respond as soon as possible.

Self-insured group health plans

Universum Clinic offers comprehensive medical care for your company’s employees and their relatives, including children, in the form of direct contracts with our medical organization (self-funded or provider-owned group health plans).

Direct contracts with healthcare-providing organizations are analogous to traditional fully-insured (conventional risk-based medical insurance) (individual health insurance) contracts, but are negotiated directly with the healthcare-providing organization.

There are several reasons why employers choose the self-insured option. A direct contract allows an employer to:

  • The employer can customize the plan to meet the specific health care needs of its workforce, as opposed to purchasing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ insurance policy
  • The employer maintains control over the health plan reserves, enabling maximization of interest income – income that would be otherwise generated by an insurance carrier through the investment of premium
  • Receive medical services at discounted prices (the cost varies depending on the number of enrolled patients and the amount of earmarked fund)
  • Establish at its own discretion medical care limits for individual employees or groups of employees
  • Manage costs
  • Promptly enroll/un-enroll employees upon hiring or termination of employment
  • Apply your own criteria when determining the level of services offered
  • Use your own discretion about which services are covered and which are not
  • Promptly address issues related to non-hazardous medical services (preliminary and periodic medical examinations, trainings, pre-trip medical check-ups, preventive vaccinations, health precautions, first-aid facilities setup).

Health seminars and workshops

This activity is carried out in the clinic as part of the project activity of the Department of Industrial Medicine. Labor activity poses additional risks to the health of staff.

Specialists of the clinic can assess the main potential hazards associated with a particular activity and suggest an action plan to reduce such risks. One of the activities is to conduct training seminars on any topic. For example, for the protection of vision, diet, work and rest, the prevention of psychological burnout, ergonomic workplace.

First aid facilities for industrial sites

Organization of medical care at energy, oil and gas companies and construction sites.

This medical service is available for facilities that are located in remote regions and that need provision of on-site medical care.

A package of services is provided within the framework of HSE (Health, Security, Environment) management, including assessment of health risks related to the environmental conditions and specific features of production. Consistent with global best practices, this package includes services to ensure the hygiene and medical well-being of employees beyond a comprehensive set of mandatory safety measures.

The key factors in deciding whether to create a clinic at an industrial facility are how remote the facility is from big cities and the actual need for additional medical infrastructure in the workplace.

The organization of medical (health) units at industrial facilities follows standard international practices focused on the rendering of emergency medical care on-site, and on the monitoring of compliance with a company’s hygiene and sanitary standards.

One evidence of a company’s compliance with international safety standards is the OHSAS 18001 certificate, showing the company’s successful implementation of occupational health and safety management systems. It also demonstrates a commitment to minimize manufacturing and occupational risks, improve the working conditions of its employees, and ensure emergency preparedness of its staff.

A company that has implemented a system based on the principles of OHSAS 18001:2007 reduces the risk of being fined and the risk of legal liability and litigation exposure in the event of work-related injuries, occupational diseases and accidents. An enterprise can avoid such risks by properly implementing and maintaining an occupational health and safety management system. In the long run, this will be a long-term and effective investment in a company which has a modern view on the safety and future of its employees.

In advanced countries, companies have already concluded that OHSAS 18001:2007 standards are important not only in terms of internal company processes, but also in terms of the company’s relations with public authorities and society. This is because the standards foster creation and maintenance of an effective occupational health and safety system. Companies keeping up with the times realize that the implementation of these standards is not a one-time project, but a constant process of creating, improving and maintaining quality relations with the company’s own staff, local authorities, government, consumer and provider organizations, and society in general.

According to global best practices, this project is implemented in several stages:

  • Stage 1 – Evaluating the locale and risks through an audit of the region’s medical infrastructure.

The current global best practices for companies planning a significant industrial project include a preliminary assessment of the area from the viewpoint of environmental risks, sanitary conditions, occupational hazards and health risks, as well as developing activity/project standards for employees, subcontractors and other persons vested in the project.

  • Stage 2 – Planning medical support activities.

This stage comprises determining clinic structure, identifying needed medical personnel and ambulance vehicles at various levels of project development. This stage also develops logistics protocols for the provision of medical care and medical evacuation of patients. Necessary measures are taken to assure project compliance with local licensing requirements.

  • Stage 3 – Setting up the clinic and recruiting staff.

The mobile clinic is set up at the facility in accordance with the approved design. A typical mobile clinic at an industrial facility often consists one or several (based on need) containers in which are placed necessary equipment for medical evaluation and emergency assistance. The containers are also equipped with emergency power sources, air conditioners and other equipment necessary for safe and comfortable working conditions. The required number of staff is recruited to ensure continuous clinic operation. In accordance with international practice, there are certain minimum requirements for staff. As a rule, medical professionals must have international ACLS and ITLS certificates. To ensure continuous on-site presence of skilled medical staff, it is necessary to have a sufficient number of employees, often sourced from different countries, whose work is organized on a rotational basis.

  • Stage 4 – Ensuring operational activities.

Project implementation includes continuous monitoring of site hygiene conditions, rendering medical care and provision of emergency medical care connected with transportation to one or more dedicated hospitals, including the organization of international evacuations as necessary.

All organizational activities, provision of medicines, medical supplies and equipment (ensuring self-sufficient and reliable operation of the medical center throughout the production project) are coordinated by the 24-hour multilingual call center of Universum Clinic.