Billing and Insurance

Medical Center Universum Clinic provides the following payment options *:


The patient pays for services in cash at the Clinic’s cash desk.

Bank cards

  • We accept Visa and MasterCard bank cards

Wire transfer of funds to the bank account of Universum Clinic

Using a deposit opened at Universum Clinic

The patient shall make an advance payment to cover their possible expenses for the services provided by the Clinic to receive a guaranteed 5% discount on all services provided by our medical center.

The deposit is refundable and replenishable and applies to an unlimited number of family members and is not limited in time. For deposit conditions, please contact the cash desk of our Clinic.

Insurance contract or policy

If the patient has an insurance contract or health insurance policy, the Clinic is ready to conduct direct settlements with the patient’s insurance company. In this case, the patient shall pay only for services that are not covered by the insurance plan, as well as the deductibles (if provided for by the insurance terms and conditions).
Please note that the treatment program is agreed between the doctor and the patient. If subsequent coordination with the insurance company reveals that any part of the services is not payable by the insurance company, this will be discussed with the patient.
The patient makes a decision on payment or refusal of such services at their own discretion. If services that are not covered by the insurance company are critical to the patient’s life and health, the patient will also be informed about this.

Universum Clinic has the capacity to conduct mutual settlements with any insurance or assistance company registered in Ukraine or abroad. For the implementation of direct settlements, we must obtain the agreement of the insurance or assistance company to pay for such services. In turn, we conduct direct settlements only with companies whose reliability has been verified by us.

A list of companies with which we cooperate can be found here. If you have not found your insurance company in the list of partners, we can establish contact and negotiate with your insurance company.

Payment by a legal entity other than the insurance company.

The Clinic may invoice a legal entity, a tax resident of Ukraine or any other country, for rendered or upcoming medical services. We will provide the legal entity with a full package of necessary payment documents (detailed information can be found here).

The scope of medical information, as well as the list of duly authorized representatives of the legal entity with the right to access patient’s medical information are determined solely by the patient in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”.

* The patient who receives medical services at Universum Clinic is primarily liable for the payment for medical services, regardless of the payment method chosen. Payments can optionally be made by third parties, but this should not constitute grounds for exempting the patient from liability for payment. If a third party for any reason refuses to pay for previously agreed services, the obligation to pay shall be transferred to the patient.