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First Visit to the Clinic

If you are visiting the Clinic for the first time, we recommend that you come several minutes early in order to have the necessary documents processed. Every new patient is invited to complete a medical questionnaire form. Your detailed answers will help your physician quickly review your medical history and spend more time consulting and discussing treatment options with you personally. For your convenience and to save time, you can fill out the medical questionnaire form here in advance, before coming to the Clinic, and bring it to the Clinic already completed. The information specified in the medical questionnaire should be updated at least once a year, so we may kindly ask you to repeat completing the questionnaire form periodically. In addition to the medical questionnaire, you will be kindly asked to sign an informed consent form for diagnostic and treatment procedures. The Public Offer Agreement can be found here. By making an oral or written request to the Clinic, the patient automatically accepts this Agreement, implying the patient’s consent with all the Terms of the Agreement, the House Rules of the Clinic, and acquaintance with the Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy.