Local solutions for factories and enterprises

Occupational medicine implies a set of measures to protect the health of employees in the workplace. Despite its name, occupational or industrial medicine means not only industrial facilities, but also any facility or office.

Our Clinic offers the implementation of the medical part of the activities for the management of occupational safety and health of employees performed by companies.

What we can provide:

  • A doctor in the office. The on-site doctor can provide primary medical care and, having evaluated the patient’s condition, coordinate further actions. The constantly present on-site doctor is especially relevant for large groups. For smaller groups, the doctor on duty at certain times or days is quite a viable option. When the team is faced with any occupational or health hazards such as computer work, work in a constrained posture, etc., on-site visits of domain specialists (ophthalmologists, neurologists) are possible. In addition to the scheduled duty of doctors, we are ready to send a duty physician from the Clinic in case of an emergency.
  • Periodic health examinations. Based on the assessment of occupational and health hazards, we will prepare together with the employer a plan for the periodic health examinations to be implemented either at the premises of the company or our Clinic. In addition, site visits provide for the delivery of the wheel-mounted mobile X-ray unit.
  • On-site medical stations. The risk assessment and the organization of on-site medical stations are relevant for a number of industries such as construction, manufacturing, chemical, mining, transportation industries, etc., located far from large medical centers and dealing with increased occupational safety and health risks. More information about the on-site medical stations can be found here.