Medical Services for expats and foreigners

Started from 2016 Universum.Clinic provides medical services for expats and foreigners in Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine. All medical services in Universum.Clinic are available for expats and Ukrainians both.

Universum.Clinic provides English-speaking services in all points of customer journey:

  • callcenter;
  • reception;
  • doctors;
  • medical documentation;
  • laboratory tests.

Universum Clinic was moderated as a clinic for medical services for Clients from all over the world as a model of medical institution in USA. All details are fix in, namely:

  • Organization of medical and client space, colors of walls, medical and diagnostic tools
  • Universum Clinic general practitioners doctors undergo training before starting work in order to be able to widely carry out diagnostics following the example of GP doctors from the USA (skills of primary diagnosis of ENT, cardio, surgical, use of tests and necessary scales for detailed diagnosis during a doctor’s consultation, taking into account protocols and clinical guidelines of the USA and Great Britain)
  • Universum Clinic medical team received mentorship from doctors from the USA and Canada, completed residency in European countries
  • The Universum Clinic team understands the ethnic, religious, and mental characteristics and needs of both Ukrainians and citizens of other countries.
  • The Universum Clinic team implements the philosophical principles of Western-style medical care regarding the use of evidence-based treatments, assessments of the Client's condition, disease prevention, and improvement the life quality.
  • Universum Clinic doctors have experience in providing joint medical care to Clients with doctors located in other countries (joint support, joint diagnosis and treatment).
  • The Universum Clinic team conducts certified medical examinations for employment in other countries, for employees of international organizations and missions for employment in Ukraine.
  • Universum Clinic provides international medical transportation


Our clients
Embassy of Great Britain in Ukraine Embassy of Great Britain in Ukraine
Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine
Embassy of Japan in Ukraine Embassy of Japan in Ukraine
Embassy of France in Ukraine Embassy of France in Ukraine
Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine
US Embassy in Ukraine US Embassy in Ukraine
Embassy of Latvia in Ukraine Embassy of Latvia in Ukraine
Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine
World Health Organization World Health Organization
Red Cross of Ukraine Red Cross of Ukraine
EUAM in Ukraine EUAM in Ukraine
F. A. Q.
What languages do Universum Clinic doctors speak?
  • All doctors and the staff of Universum Clinic speak English, some doctors also speak German, French, and Polish.
How do Universum Clinic doctors provide medical assistance to foreigners without violating the local protocols of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine?
  • Fortunately, doctors in Ukraine have the legal opportunity to use clinical protocols of the USA, Great Britain, Finland and Germany for daily work and diagnosis.
  • Some of the clinical protocols in Ukraine are based on the protocols of Finland and Great Britain.
  • Therefore, this does not constitute an obstacle to the provision of evidence-based medical services with the best clinical experience.
Where can I get reviews about Universum Clinic doctors?
  • Reviews can be read on the website and in Google maps.
  • You can contact directly the representatives of the companies listed in the post above or, at your request and with the approval and permission of the contact persons, the Universum Clinic team will provide contacts from the embassies of various countries for feedback.
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