Topical healthcare workshops and webinars

Topical healthcare workshops in UNIVERSUM.CLINIC:

  • experienced and professional lecturers-doctors;
  • interesting, relevant and important medical topics;
  • provision of practical tools and exercises on psychological topics, evidence-based recommendations on medical topics;
  • individual training on the topic of interest of the Client;
  • accompanying each lecture/training with a presentation, which is then transferred to the Client for use;
  • the ability to make a video recording of the workshop;
  • new skills and knowledge;
  • any format convenient for the Client: face-to-face (at the Client's location) or online (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet).

Lectures from UNIVERSUM.CLINIC psychologists:

PURPOSE: to preserve the mental health of the Company's employees, improve the psychological well-being of the team, increase the stress resistance of employees.

  • How to provide psychological support to yourself and others.
  • Emotions: why do we need them and how to regulate them.
  • Stress resistance and how to cope with long-term stress.
  • Postponed life syndrome.
  • Syndrome of emotional burnout at work.
  • Resilience (the ability to restore normal life after stress).
  • War trauma and post-traumatic growth.
  • Adaptation to a new life: refugee and resettlement.
  • Survivor's fault.
  • Concentration, motivation, discipline: how to master and apply in the interests of oneself.

Lectures from doctors of other specialties UNIVERSUM.CLINIC:

PURPOSE: providing reliable information on the topic in terms of evidence-based medicine according to international protocols and standards.

  • Headache, migraine.
  • COVID-19: Symptoms, treatment, prevention.
  • Routine vaccination of adults – what is it?
  • Cancer alertness at a preventive medical examination.
  • Facts and myths of oncology. What to know and what to forget?
  • First aid during the war.
  • First aid during a chemical attack.
  • Vaccines against COVID-19. Forewarned is forearmed.
  • Coronavirus, pandemic, immunity and what to do with it all?
  • Nuclear weapons and radiation hazard: threat and protection.

PURPOSE: effective management of the team during the war, improving communication, increasing the efficiency of employees' work.

  • Professional burnout in the team: identify, analyze, overcome and develop a prevention plan.
  • Corporate communications in the conditions of war.
  • Motivation of subordinates in the midst of the uncertainty of the present.
  • Corporate culture in the conditions of a long crisis.
  • The impact of the war on the values and goals of professional activity.
  • Empathy as a tool to overcome the crisis.
  • Team dynamics in adverse conditions: stability vs fluidity.
  • Psychological feedback from the team and how to use psychometric tools to assess the psychological well-being of employees.

Trainings from UNIVERSUM.CLINIC psychologists:

PURPOSE: To provide participants with the psychological tools and practical skills to achieve a specific goal.

  • A strategy for psychological well-being in the workplace.
  • Resilience for leaders who want to be highly effective in times of crisis.
  • Building stress-resistant teams.
  • The impact of stress on motivation, dynamics and performance of teams.
  • Corporate culture and corporate communications: how to build to support the psychological well-being of the team.
  • Psychological features of emotional burnout of different cohorts of workers and strategies for overcoming and preventing.
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