First aid training

First Aid Training

The purpose of the training: to get acquainted with the basics of medical care provided by people without special medical training, using the simplest measures before medical staff arrival.
Training content:

  • Relevance of the topic;
  • Identification of a threatening situation. Ambulance call;
  • Algorithm for providing resuscitation measures;
  • Technique of chest compressions and artificial respiration;
  • Resuscitation of children;
  • Use of AED (Automated External Defibrillator);
  • Stable position;
  • Obstruction of the upper respiratory tract. First aid for drowning in adults and children;
  • Domestic injuries and common diseases:
    • Bleeding, their types, methods of temporary stopping (cuts, nosebleeds, venous, etc.);
    • Help with blockages, long-term compression syndrome;
    • Trauma of the chest;
    • Packing of the wound;
    • Injury to the abdomen.
  • Course results and questions.

After completing the training, the student will learn how to act in emergency situations and provide emergency medical care in different life situations.

Number of participants

Duration of course, hours

The cost of the course, UAH

up to 4 person


7 000,00

4-9 person


with 30 min break

9 800,00

10-18 persons*


with 30 min break

12 200,00

*The training includes practical operations of obtaining theoretical knowledge on mannequins (skills in providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation and tamponade of wounds), a training defibrillator and tourniquets to stop bleeding.  Therefore  with a larger number of trainees the effectiveness and efficiency of training reduces.

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