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Annual Health Care Programs for adults and children

Annual Health Care Programs for adults and children
7 000 грн
from 4 800 грн

 Annual health care programs of Universum Clinic for the whole family

The annual programs of medical care at Universum Clinic provide an opportunity throughout the entire period to be under the strict supervision of the doctors of a private clinic in Kiev. 

You can independently choose the package that suits you, both for yourself personally and for family members, including children from 7 years old.

Benefits of the Program:

• unlimited number of visits to the family doctor, therapist, or pediatrician

• include the services of calling a doctor at home;

• a basic set of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics for the prevention of the health;

• the ability to choose the package that is optimal in terms of price and content;

• fixed discount on all other services of the Clinic;

• English-speaking staff, the ability to issue medical documentation in a foreign language;

• the possibility of including ultrasound research in all packages (2 procedures for 1 person).


 Programs for adults and children from 7 y.o.
 Individual  Individual+

Doctor's visit to home therapist, pediatrician (family doctor)

0 2

Consultation with a therapist, pediatrician, family doctor at the Clinic or online

no limits no limits

Laboratory diagnosis (general blood test, general urine test, blood glucose, glycosylated hemoglobin)

each position for 1 person once a year each position for 1 person once a year

Discount on any other Universum Clinic services

5% 5%
Advantages:  - personal doctor at Universum Clinic;
 - US and European standards  of medical services in Clinic;
 - English speaking personnel in Clinic;

 The cost of the program, UAH

Analyses +

6 800,00 9 800,00

 The cost of the program, UAH

Analyses -

6 000,00 9 000,00
Program Individual (no tests)
6 000 грн
Program Individual (with tests)
6 800 грн
Program Individual+ (no tests)
9 000 грн
Program Individual (with tests)
9 800 грн
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