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Allergy and immunology

Allergy and immunology

Why, for example, someone freely eats strawberries and strawberry jam, and someone else experiences allergic complications after. The science of “allergology” answers this and other similar questions. Professional allergology in Kiev is an area where professionals with great experience and real professionalism work

Causes of allergies

Heredity plays a significant role. There is a high probability that if one of the parents suffers from an allergy, the child will also experience allergic reactions. However, this fact does not exclude that an allergy can develop in a child from a family in which an allergy has never occurred.

In our center you can learn about how to prevent allergies (preventive measures – it is always better to take care of preventing the disease than to wait for its appearance). At once we will notice, that the main preventive technique – the attentive relation to the person and timely rendered medical aid.

You will learn about the methods of preventing allergies in children and adults. The main prevention is attentiveness and timely medical help. Also, after consulting with an allergist in Kiev, you will learn how to reduce the level of everyday inconveniences in case of allergies, eliminate serious consequences of the disease and how to improve the quality of life without coming to serious self-restraint. In order to find out, the allergist in Kiev will help you. In our center you can learn how to prevent allergies (preventive measures are always better to prevent the disease than to wait for its appearance). At once we will notice, that the main preventive technique – the attentive relation to the person and timely rendered medical aid.

How does an allergy occur?

Any substance from the outside penetrates into our body and our body responds with a large-scale release of specific bodies – immunoglobulins – into the blood – they provoke the inflammatory process. Yes, the body can regard a strawberry or lump of wool as an aggressive element, threatening health.

Do I need to undergo a test?

Yes, if you notice the following:

  • Great deterioration of well-being after taking food, contact with pets or in nature.
  • If the skin appears blisters of different sizes, which resemble a burn from contact with the nettle (it can be urticaria).
  • If there is a sudden deterioration in well-being (after contact with plants, animals, eating), which is accompanied by shortness of breath, abundant discharge from the nose, sneezing and itching in the nose (this is a typical allergic reaction).

What is being done against allergies?

To reveal what substance causes an allergic reaction, you need to take a blood test for allergies. In addition to blood tests for allergens, there are skin tests. All necessary procedures will be performed by our allergist in Kiev.

And what are the tests?

  • Blood test
  • Analysis of the level of total Ig E.
  • Analysis for the detection of special antibodies classes of Ig G and Ig E.

There is also an analysis of the presence of parasitic organisms.
An analysis in which the level of total units of immunoglobulin E is counted – it rises when the body is allergic.Immunoglobulin E is like an army that mobilizes when an allergic opponent is at work in the blood. This class carries out an instant response to an allergic agent within literally a few minutes.

Also, special antibodies of classes of immunoglobulins G and E are detected. These classes react to so-called “slow” allergic reactions, when our body responds to getting an allergic substance in a day or more.

How to prepare for the blood tests?

  • Blood is surrendered in the morning and on an empty stomach (by the way, coffee is also considered from a medical point of view).
  • If you smoke, then try not to smoke one to two hours before the procedure (smoking reduces the level of lymphocytes in the blood).
  • It is also better to avoid contact with pets 2-3 days before the test.

There are contraindications. It is not recommended to donate blood for allergens if the person is currently suffering from an acute respiratory, gastrointestinal or other severe illness. Since the recovery, you should wait three days before putting allergy tests.

Immunity is a biological defense system of cells and tissues from attacks of foreign substances. In some ways, this police is detecting and destroying strangers who get into the body in a random way: through saliva, blood, food, etc. Be calm if your immunity is strong, conduct appropriate prevention, watch for signs of a warning about a failure in the protection system.

The protective technology of the body has been studied by mankind since the 14th century and has spawned the science of Immunology. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by abnormalities in immunity is the main task of immunology.

Symptoms of decreased immunity:

  • Frequent viral and colds (more than 2-3 times a year for an adult, more often 4 times a year for a child)
  • Pustular skin lesions
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Fungal lesions of mucous membranes, nails, skin
  • Tuberculosis infection
  • Resistant to treatment of illness of the respiratory tract, urinary system, nasal sinuses
  • Long healing of wounds
  • General weakness, pallor, low resistance to external influences.

Immunology in Kiev

It is not easy to find a professional immunologist, as this is a fairly rare practical branch of medical science, but it is he who will give those recommendations that will quickly neutralize the causes of immunosuppression.

The immunologist must treat children when they enter the kindergarten, school. For the proper development of the immune system in childhood, vaccination is prescribed to control microbes from the environment and potential allergens. Do or not to vaccinate, how to choose the appropriate treatment of immunity and to conduct prevention of his diseases will consult a doctor immunologist in Kiev, who is always ready to examine in the clinic.