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Breast diseases

Breast diseases

Women’s breasts symbolize fertility, motherhood and, of course, femininity, it is admired and worshiped. However, beauty is impossible without health. Women’s breasts change throughout life.

This is facilitated by pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding.
With age, they become a target for various threats that provoke breast disease. At the forefront are emotional shocks, stress, causing hormonal disorders. Breast diseases are directly related to the pathologies of the pelvic organs, appendages, as well as abortions.

Endocrine disorders, diabetes, overweight – all of these factors can also adversely affect the state of the female breast. The sooner a woman consults a doctor, the more likely she is to cope with the disease with mere drugs. A mammologist helps the patient restore her health and regain her self-confidence. This domain specialist is tasked with correctly diagnosing, managing and preventing diseases of the female breast.

It is recommended to visit the mammologist once a year, even if nothing bothers you. This measure is simply necessary, because you might already be ill, but the disease does not manifest itself in the initial stages.

At the mammologist, you will have your breast examined and prescribed breast ultrasound or mammography based on the examination results. Using the recent diagnostics result, the doctor obtains x-rays that either confirm or exclude the preliminary diagnosis. This examination is conducted from the 5th to the 12th day of the menstrual cycle; it is absolutely safe and painless.

Mammography helps identify benign or malignant tumors, cysts.

If necessary, the doctor will prescribe a biopsy (taking a tissue sample by puncture). The mammologist will prescribe the mammography if:

  • the examination has revealed hardened breast tissues
  • a woman complains of breast pain when palpated
  • if the nipples are retracted or, on the contrary, have a convex shape
  • a breast looks swollen and has changed its size
  • there is breast discharge

The mammography helps reveal diseases such as mastopathy, fibroma, lactostasis and malignant tumors.

Together we will cope with the disease

Nowadays, the problem of breast cancer is a major focus worldwide. Social advertising, charity events, marathons urge women to look after their health and consult a doctor in a due time. There are centers in different cities of Ukraine, where women are taught to conduct breast self-examination. Mammology in Kyiv is represented by various healthcare institutions.

If you are looking for a first-grade mammologist in Kyiv, then welcome to our Clinic. We have exceptional domain specialists. All medical officers are highly-skilled and have sound experience in managing various breast diseases.

Our Clinic uses only advanced diagnostics and examination equipment. We also have our own laboratory where you can get tested without hustle and bustle in a comfortable environment. Ukraine’s best mammologists receive patients in our Clinic. We have comfortable wards, where you can get a full-fledged and effective treatment.

You can make an appointment by calling the numbers listed on our website. You can also choose the most convenient time and day for your examination. Our Clinic honorably represents mammology in Kyiv and is one of the best in Ukraine.

Dear women, to preserve your health, look young and beautiful against all the odds is a doable task. A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, good rest and high spirits work wonders. An annual visit to the mammologist will help prevent the disease.

Consultation of mammologist
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Consultation of mammologist in English
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