Гінекологія Сheck-up
Medical check-up for sailors and crew members
6 700 UAH
Check-up for men (up to 40 years)
2 150 UAH
Check-up for men (from 40 years old)
6 460 UAH
Urological check-up
2 910 UAH
Endocrinological check-up
3 950 UAH
Check-up №4 for STIs for men
2 110 UAH
Check-up №4 for STIs for men in English
3 370 UAH
Check-up for women (up to 40 years)
5 800 UAH
Check-up for women (from 40 years old)
7 200 UAH
Check-up for athletes
2 210 UAH
Check-up smart
1 450 UAH
Check-up for children (from 1 year)
1 900 UAH
Kindergarten check-up
2 100 UAH
Check-up school
2 900 UAH
Check-up university
2 900 UAH
Check-up foreign university
3 200 UAH
Gynecological check-up
3 200 UAH
Examination before surgery "EXTENDED"
2 598 UAH
Examination before surgery "Local anesthesia"
650 UAH
Examination before surgery "General Anesthesia"
1 280 UAH

Medical check-up: what it is and why it is needed

A check-up in medicine means a complete examination of the body. And, although it is always called «full», in different medical institutions examination pack includes a different list of tests. Let's find out why such an examination is needed, how often, and what it may include.

Why, for whom, how often

Most often, people are looking for a check-up of the organism in Kyiv for their work, registration of an insurance policy, or in case of a serious illness. But in fact, it is desirable to undergo such a medical examination every year: it allows you to notice any health problems in time, or, on the contrary, to make sure that there are none.

A complete medical examination will help:

  • adjust the diet and exercise according to the needs of the body;

  • detect some diseases at an early stage;

  • timely contact the necessary specialized specialist.

Composure is also important: you will be much calmer if you know, and not guess, the state of your health. Therefore, every person, at any age, needs a full annual examination. It is optimal to go through it once a year — if you feel well. But it is possible and more often if you do not feel very well and notice any alarming symptoms.

What is included in the medical check-up?

Different components are included in the medical check-up in different medical institutions. Much depends on the destination of the medical check-up. At Universum clinic, we offer the following options:

  • check-ups for children (separately for school, playgroup, university in Ukraine or abroad and standard);

  • check-ups for men (under 40, after 40, and urological examination);

  • check-ups for women (under 40, after 40, and gynecological examination);

  • «Sports»;

  • «Smart».

In each option, the most optimal set of diagnostic procedures is collected, which will help to see a complete picture of the state of health. And you will not spend time on unnecessary and specific tests, which are better to be done under the direction of a narrow-profile specialist.

All children's packages include: 

  • a full examination by a pediatrician, ophthalmological, neurological, and otolaryngological examination,
  • Jumping test,
  • standard laboratory tests
  • an ultrasound of the heart.

Depending on the selected type of check-up, additional services vary.

All packages for men include:

  • a full-fledged examination by a therapist,
  • ophthalmological examination,
  • consultation of a urologist,
  • microscopy of secretions
  • a package of standard laboratory tests.

The complete list depends on the selected examination package.

All packages for women include:

  • a gynecologist's consultation,
  • ultrasound of the pelvis,
  • ultrasound of the thyroid and mammary glands,
  • Pap smear,
  • secretion microscopy.

The complete list depends on the selected examination package.

«Sporty» and «Smart» check-ups include:

  • therapeutic and ophthalmological examinations,
  • ECGs,
  • laboratory tests,
  • questionnaires.

The complete list depends on the selected examination package.

You can additionally undergo other necessary tests. To choose the best option, consult your doctor and Universum clinic specialists. Your harmony and health are important to us!

How to prepare for tests?

The final recommendations depend on which tests you will go through. But several universal recommendations should be followed before any examination.

At least a day before the examinations, give up alcohol, tobacco, and heavy food. Come to take tests on an empty stomach unless otherwise recommended in a specific case. Some medications can distort test results, so talk with your doctor about the medications you are taking.

Universum clinic we are also always ready to provide recommendations on proper preparation for tests. We are waiting for you. Get tested on time, and may the results always be good!

Sources: Healthline. Physical Examination by Gregory Minnis, DPT

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