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Diabetic foot cabinet

Diabetic foot cabinet

Treatment and diagnosis of diabetic foot in Kyiv

Diabetic foot medical care

Complex of medical services for diabetic foot is special diabetic department (medical cabinet) in private clinic for clients with diabetes mellitus and problems with lower extremities who are undergoing treatment in the clinic or are sent for additional examination from other clinics.

In special diabetic department Client can get complete assessment of the state of lower extremities with an assessment of the condition of the skin, screening methods for examining the vessels of the lower extremities and determination of the neurological state of the limb. Client can get sub-correction (medical pedicure) in order to prevent the occurrence of trophic ulcers of the lower extremities in special diabetes room.

Vascular bed blood flow assessment of the lower extremities

In order to diagnose ischemic, neuropathic and neuro-ischemic forms of diabetic foot syndrome (DFS), systolic blood pressure on the shoulders and lower third of the lower leg is determined using a mini-go-stopler (The Multi Dopplex II with a 8 MHz sensor) with a wide cuff sphygmomanometer.

Diabetic foot cabinet The Multi Dopplex II

The Multi Dopplex II

Also pulsation in the foot arteries of small and medium caliber and in arteria dorsalis pedis is determind.

 Diabetic foot cabinet Technique of study lower extremities vessels with the Mini-Depopler apparatus

Technique of study lower extremities vessels with the Mini-Depopler apparatus

The stone-brachial index was calculated as the quotient of dividing BP (blood pressure) of the lower leg by a similar indicator of the brachial artery.

KPI = BP of the leg / BP of the shoulder

Neurological investigation

Peripheral sensitivity is examined using specific neurological tests. Tactile sensitivity is determined using a monofilament standardized equivalently of a pressure up tp 10 g / cm2 (Semmens-Weinstein), pain sensitivity using a Neuropen neurological needle, temperature sensitivity using an Tip-term thermocylinder, vibration sensitivity using a Riedel Seifert graduated tuning fork, 128 Hz.
Achilles reflex was evaluated by a standard method using a neurological hammer.

  • vibrational - using a tuning fork of 128 Hz, on the wrist, knee pads, bone, fingers


Diabetic foot cabinet Riedel Seifert graduated tuning fork, 128 Hz 

Riedel Seifert graduated tuning fork, 128 Hz


  • pain - using a blunt needle

Diabetic foot cabinet Dull needle for determining pain sensitivity Neuropen 

    Dull needle for determining pain sensitivity Neuropen

  • tactile - with the help of Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments, which create a local pressure with a capacity of 10 g per m2

Diabetic foot cabinet Monofilament Semmes-Weinstein

Monofilament Semmes-Weinstein


  • temperature - by alternately applying a special cylinder with cold and warm poles

Diabetic foot cabinet Device thermal tip-term 

Device thermal tip-term

Diagnosis of the motor form of peripheral neuropathy is carrying out with its clinical manifestations: paresthesia, pain in the lower extremities at rest, prevailing at night, calf muscle cramps.

The results of the examination of the patient were entered into the registration cards of foot pathology in patients with diabetes mellitus.

Consultation of surgeon, Candidate of Medical Science
40 €
All types sensitivity measurement on the lower extremities
10 €
Management of trophic ulcers up to 3 cm2 in size 1 pc
20 €
Management of trophic ulcers from 3 to 7 cm2 in size 1 pc
30 €
Management of trophic ulcers from 7 to 11 cm2 in size 1 pc
30 €
Management of trophic ulcers from 12 cm2 and more in size 1 pc
40 €
Regional excision of the ingrown nail plate
40 €
Nail plate removal
60 €
Removal of the subungual hematoma
30 €
Medical pedicure with the removal of hyperkeratoses from the foot of 1 foot
40 €
Application of immobilization dressing
160 €
Ultrasound debridement of the wound 1 pc
190 €
Application of a dressing with negative pressure on the wound 1 pc
450 €
Removal of benign neoplasms on the skin
70 €