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Dietology and Nutrition

Dietology and Nutrition

Dietology refers to the medical direction of restoring health through proper nutrition. Traditional dishes combined with nervous burden cause problems that can be managed only through nutritional assistance. A skilled dietitian in Kyiv provides effective assistance at all stages of health loss.

Signs of an imminent crisis

How to recognize the signs of the future critical deterioration in the condition?

Specialists in metabolic disorders have identified several symptoms, allowing to recognize signs of an imminent threat:

  • loss of weight control, inability to affect the body volume
  • general depressed state, fatigue, lethargy, loss of stimulus
  • external metamorphoses, disproportionate increase in body parts, severe hair loss
  • spontaneous pain? groundless cramps in different body areas

Important! Disturbed metabolic processes cause anomalies that can provoke complex diseases.

A good dietitian can determine the level of damage to the body in just a few minutes using a bioelectrical impedance analyzer.

When do you need to visit a doctor?

Generally available diagnostic methods are comprised of 4 steps:

  • external examination of the body proportionality
  • measurement of the ratio of fatty, muscular tissue and water
  • analysis of the daily diet
  • examination of genetic factors and aspects of diseases

The dietitian needs the data collected to determine the natural level of patient’s health.

The most accurate indicator of the metabolic disturbance is overweight or underweight.

The identification of the beginnings of a disease begins with the calculation of the current body mass index.

It is also important to measure key indicators:

  • waist
  • hips

If necessary, you may need a pelvic ultrasound and complete blood count. After receiving the necessary information, the experienced dietitian will accurately identify the root of the problem.

Golden rules of dietary science

Individual nutrition card is based on the golden rules of dietary science:

  • energy balance is the relationship between energy intake and energy output
  • chemical equilibrium is the calculation of the proportions of the combination of various elements

The rational distribution of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber in the diet normalizes metabolic processes. A water intake schedule contributes to detoxification of the organism and replenishment of body fluids. Vitamin supplements stimulate defense systems, making the body resist on its own.

Dietology allows to avoid surgery, while maintaining a high level of health.

Overview of recovery processes

The diet course is calculated individually for a certain period of time.

When drawing up the course, the following aspects should be considered:

  • day regimen
  • life dynamics
  • daily calorie output
  • patient’s condition
  • financial capacity
  • convenience and comfort
  • food intake regimen

Thanks to this approach, a person does not feel hungry, while the surplus goes out. During each stage, the patient is advised and provided with the necessary information. At the end of the course, a follow-up examination is conducted to draw up a new menu.

Only a specialist can prepare a safe diet course and procedures to solve the problem.

Advantages of consulting the dietitian in Kyiv

The dietology in Kyiv is gaining momentum and proved its usefulness in the issues of weight adjustment and body shaping. The specialists of our center will prepare an individual course of procedures and nutrition based on accurate analysis data.

The body shaping accounts for cellulite removal and skin tone recovery. Gradual weight loss is accompanied by auxiliary procedures against the formation of scars and stretch marks on the skin.

Our specialists have proved that professional dietology exists in Kyiv, because they have a wealth of experience in dealing with the effects of obesity and anorexia. Consult our specialists, and we will return your lost health and beauty.

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