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Physical therapy studies the effect of physical environmental factors on the human body and the use of this effect for therapeutic, prophylactic and rehabilitation purposes and for determining the influence of physical factors on biological tissues and the human body in order to develop methods and criteria for selecting patients for subsequent treatment.

The physical therapy is one of the safest treatment methods for the moment. Most importantly, you must be well aware of the mechanism of action of a given physical factor so as not to harm the patient. The physical therapy is used both separately and in combination with other treatment methods (for example, surgery).

When should you consult a domain specialist?

  • doctor’s appointment
  • prophylactic purposes
  • additional factor in the comprehensive treatment of diseases and their prevention

Physiotherapeutic procedures are typically painless and cause no allergic reactions or other side effects. However, most of them have contraindications, so it is very important to consult a physician before starting a physical therapy.

Physiotherapeutic procedures conducted by the Clinic:

  • Phonophoresis. This is a comprehensive method of therapeutic intervention into patient’s body, which combines the effects of ultrasonic vibrations and active drugs.
    The procedure consists in applying a medical aid to the skin, which is similar to a conventional ultrasound gel, and further processing of the area using an ultrasonic transducer. Such a combined effect provides a more effective and deep penetration of the aid into the tissue, and hence a more significant therapeutic outcome. Phonophoresis preparations simultaneously act as a contact medium or mix with it, whereas ultrasonic waves intensify the activity of the agents, their rate of penetration into the cells, increase the period of dynamic action and minimize side effects. The technique is mainly used for the management of diseases in adults. The phonophoresis is prescribed to children for the management of ENT diseases, enuresis, bronchial asthma, diseases of the peripheral nervous system. It is only indicated in children without acute conditions.
  • Magnetic therapy. This method is based on the influence of the magnetic field on the body cells, which can receive electromagnetic signals. The primary effects of this procedure are pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and pronounced anti-edematous action. Therapeutic effects of the magnetic therapy are quite noticeable in acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, ENT organs, digestive organs, various inflammatory joint diseases, accompanied by severe swelling, stiffness and pain syndromes, rehabilitation following injuries of varying severity, bone fractures, prolonged wear of the plaster cast etc.
  • Magnetic-laser therapy. Low-energy laser radiation has a diverse influence on the body, with the most pronounced effects including anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving action and stimulation of recovery processes (stimulation of cell metabolism, ATP accumulation, protein and collagen synthesis, etc.).
    The combined action to the magnetic field and low-energy laser radiation enables to obtain a more pronounced therapeutic effect from the procedures in a shorter time. This effect is achieved through the use of the magnetic-laser therapy unit.
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