Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage
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Гінекологія Massage therapy
Drainage chest physiotherapy
350 UAH
Preventive physical therapy for all parts of back (without referral)
600 UAH
Sport physical therapy for back, arms and legs, 1 session
1 000 UAH
Physical therapy for arms (1 session, 30 min)
500 UAH
Physical therapy for head, neck, collar zone (1 session, 30 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for neck and chest zone (1 session, 25 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for neck, back, buttocks, legs (1 session, 1 h20min)
1 000 UAH
Physical therapy for neck and collar zone (1 session, 20 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for the thoracic spine (1 session, 20 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for thoracic and lumbar spine (1 session, 25 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for legs (1 session, 30 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for 1 leg (1 session, 15 min)
300 UAH
Physical therapy for 1 arm (1 session, 10 min)
300 UAH
Physical therapy for paravertebral zones (1 session, 25 min)
500 UAH
Physical therapy for lumbar-sacral zone (1 session, 20 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for all parts of back (neck, thoracic, lumbar zones) (1 session, 30 min)
500 UAH
Anti-cellilitic therapy for 2 legs, 1 hour
1 000 UAH
Anti-cellulitic therapy for stomach, 30 min
500 UAH
Anti-cellulitic therapy for 2 arms, 30 min
500 UAH

Therapeutic massage is a complex of manipulations, chiropractic  and  treatment plan, which includes techniques that are also used during preventive procedures. This is mostly stroking, rubbing, kneading of tissues. But its main difference is that the doctor draws up a treatment protocol, individually selecting techniques and methods for the patient and his symptoms. During the process of therapeutic massage, a deeper processing of tissues, localization of trigger points, getting rid of muscle imbalance is carried out, which leads to normalization of body geometry, correction of posture and relief of back pain. Also, in the process of therapeutic influence, vacuum massage jarsare often used, which improves tissue regeneration and removes toxins, provides post-isometric muscle relaxation, and has efect of kinesio taping.

Indications for therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is recommended as a treatment for:

  • injuries and pathologies of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, protrusion, hernia, disorders of posture and biomechanics of movement, fractures, chronic back pain, sprains);
  • diseases of respiratory organs (bronchitis, pneumonia), heart and blood vessels (ischemic disease, hypertension);
  • disorders of the nervous system (paralysis, radiculitis, cerebral palsy, etc.);
  • fatigue, stressful conditions, insomnia, headaches, migraines;
  • weight problems (weight loss or overweight);
  • disorders of the digestive system and metabolism (gastritis, colitis, ulcer);
  • skin cosmetic problems.

Therapeutic massage of the back improves metabolic processes, improves the general condition of the human body and skin, removes chronic fatigue, restores strength in case of physical and mental fatigue, emotional stress. Procedures prescribed by a doctor are indicated for rehabilitation after various injuries and fractures, to correct posture and for dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system.
You can make an appointment for a therapeutic massage at UNIVERSUM.CLINIC using the indicated phone numbers or using the feedback form on the website.


Treatment massage procedures should not be performed in case of:

  • acute diseases;
  • purulent and fungal lesions of the skin;
  • infected wounds on the skin;
  • mental disorders (psychiatric disorders);
  • the presence of onconeoplasms;
  • tuberculosis in the active phase.

If patient has at least one point from all of the above treatment massage shouldn’t be applied.

Types of massage

The main varieties include classic medical procedures that affect:

  • neck and collar area;
  • back;
  • lumbosacral area;
  • hands;
  • legs.

A general massage may be prescribed instead of therapeutical after consultation with chiropractors.

How to prepair for massage

This includes the appointment with neurologist or chiropractor in UNIVERSUM.CLINIC, who collects a complete medical history, compose medical protocol taking into account the characteristics of the body, the diagnosis, and refers to a specialist or in case of chiropractor provide procedures directly. 
To achieve significant effect, patient needs to follow doctor's instructions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does a therapeutic massage differ from a regular one?

These two types differ in their goals and methods. If wellness massage is aimed at stimulating lymph and blood circulation, muscle relaxation, then therapeutic massage is aimed at treatment and physical rehabilitation after injuries and fractures and in case of other diseases as well as a deeper treatment of areas which needs special attention.

What diseases can be treated using massage?

It is recommended to be used for the following diseases: hernias, osteochondrosis. It is effective in rehabilitation course for various injuries and fractures, in correction of scoliotic posture, protrusions, dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system.

Is it possible to have a massage every day?

The frequency of procedures depends on its type (this should be decided only by a specialist doctor). 10 therapeutic massage sessions are prescribed every day or every other day usually. Everything is decided individually, depends on the patient’s diagnosis and history.

What effect massage caused?

The main effects of massage are improvement of general well-being, rehabilitation after injuries, which contributes to full recovery and return to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, without pain and discomfort. In addition, it allows you to work out both the outer surface of the body and the deep muscles of the back, which are responsible for the proper functioning of the spinal column. The procedures contribute to the improvement of the functioning of the entire body, regulation of the hormonal background, relief from headaches and fatigue.

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