Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage

A therapeutic massage is a medical procedure that a doctor (general practitioner or neurologist) determines after an examination. Depending on the diagnosis, the area to be massaged and the duration of the course are determined.

Indications for therapeutic massage

  •  persistent pain in the back and neck area;
  •  sciatica;
  •  osteochondrosis;
  •  arthritis;
  •  neuralgia.

Massage procedure
During the treatment, the massage therapist will advise how to sit or lie down to make the massage as comfortable as possible. However, the therapeutic massage differs from a classic relaxing massage in that it can still cause some discomfort. The massage does not only affect the skin but also the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems as well as internal organs. It is an excellent remedy in the complex fight against illnesses if a full, continuous course is performed.
It is important that the massage therapist has sufficient skills to carry out the treatment. This will give a good therapeutic effect without causing any harm to the person. This is exactly the kind of specialists who work at Universum Clinic. If a patient complains of pain during the massage, they will listen to their wishes and make sure that the procedure is as comfortable as possible.

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