Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage
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Гінекологія Massage therapy
Drainage chest physiotherapy
350 UAH
Preventive physical therapy for all parts of back (without referral)
600 UAH
Sport physical therapy for back, arms and legs, 1 session
1 000 UAH
Physical therapy for arms (1 session, 30 min)
500 UAH
Physical therapy for head, neck, collar zone (1 session, 30 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for neck and chest zone (1 session, 25 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for neck, back, buttocks, legs (1 session, 1 h20min)
1 000 UAH
Physical therapy for neck and collar zone (1 session, 20 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for the thoracic spine (1 session, 20 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for thoracic and lumbar spine (1 session, 25 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for legs (1 session, 30 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for 1 leg (1 session, 15 min)
300 UAH
Physical therapy for 1 arm (1 session, 10 min)
300 UAH
Physical therapy for paravertebral zones (1 session, 25 min)
500 UAH
Physical therapy for lumbar-sacral zone (1 session, 20 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for all parts of back (neck, thoracic, lumbar zones) (1 session, 30 min)
500 UAH
Anti-cellilitic therapy for 2 legs, 1 hour
1 000 UAH
Anti-cellulitic therapy for stomach, 30 min
500 UAH
Anti-cellulitic therapy for 2 arms, 30 min
500 UAH

Anticellulite massage determined as list of procedures that not only helps to correct the body shape, to remove extra centimeters, to improve the condition of the subcutaneous tissue, but also reduce the level of swelling. Exactly thanks to the lymphatic drainage effect, such sessions reload metabolic processes, which improves the general condition of the body, skin and hair.

When anticellulite massage is necessary?

The main indications are obesity, cellulite at any stage, improper metabolism, tissue stagnation and swelling, impaired lymph flow, slagging of the body, weak immunity.
Such sessions are probably best called "aesthetic procedures". This is due to the fact that they are aimed at correcting the body shape, help to remove swellings and also restart body metabolic processes. The best result will be in case of combination massage with increasing physical activity, special nutrition program.


Contraindications for anticellulite massage are below:

  • any acute infections (viral or bacterial) with increased body temperature;
  • varicose veins, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis;
  • pregnancy;
  • aggravation of mental disorders;
  • lactation period;
  • acute dermatological diseases;
  • temporary damage to the skin (injuries, burns, scratches);
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • fever and high temperature.

Some individual contraindications may take place, you can get advice and consultation directly with doctor in Universum Clinic.

How an anti-cellulite massage is performed?

Anti-cellulite massage is performed locally as abdominal, thigh and arm massage (from hand to shoulder). The procedure is based on active rubbing of the skin until it turns red, the vacuum jars can be used for this. As a result, each tissue cell receives active blood flow, which reload metabolic processes and increase oxygenation of cells. Then the massage therapist kneads and squeezes the subcutaneous tissue, directly affecting the fat cells. Next, with light patting, the specialist provokes blood flow, which promotes tissue regeneration. The session ends with techniques that remove fluid from the body and improve lymph flow.

Professional anti-cellulite massage can be ordered in UNIVERSUM.CLINIC.

Anti-cellulite massage types.

It can be performed both manually and with the help of modern equipment. The following varieties are the most popular:
manual. With special methods, the body is well warmed up, fat deposits are crushed, contributing to the lymphatic drainage effect. During the procedure, oils and lotions can be used, which help eliminate congestion;
hardware massage of the buttocks and other areas. It is performed using a special roller manipula. It improves the elasticity of the skin, breaks down fat, and helps to get rid of areas where skin laxity is observed. At the same time, it is very deep, does not sufficiently affect subcutaneous fat;
vacuum ("jars"). Anti-cellulite massage with vacuum jars increases skin elasticity, reduces fat deposits, swelling, corrects figure contours, eliminates muscle spasms, and improves blood circulation. Provides good lymphatic drainage, activates lipolysis.

With the help of water procedures also possible to renew skin water balance, blood circulation and lymph outflow are stimulated.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How often anti-cellulite massage can be done?

The specialist appoints the number of sessions. As practice shows, their minimum number should be at least 10-12, three procedures per week. To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to complete a full course recommended by a specialist.

What should be the interval between massage sessions?

The recommended intervals between sessions are 2-3 days. The schedule is prescribed individually after doctor’s consultation.

When I will find massage effect?

Anticellulite massage is very effectiveprocedure, but it will not be able to give fastresults. The first changes become noticeable after 6-8 sessions. Usually, the course is designed for 10–12 procedures, after which the skin will be visibly tightened. If the case difficult and procees is on 2-3 stage, you will have to conduct 2-3 courses with an interval.

Can massage removes cellulite?

Massage is one of the effective ways to get rid of cellulite. To solve the problem as soon as possible, it is better to use a whole set of measures that includes special nutrition and physical exercises. Then all the structural deposits of the subcutaneous fat layer are quickly removed, the skin is leveled.

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