Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. It works both as a prevention of cellulite and as a remedy for existing problems.

Stages of an anti-cellulite massage

  •  stroking: this is how the treatment begins and ends. It prepares the skin for the next stage and relaxes the skin after the massage;
  •  rubbing: it helps to activate the blood flow to the problem areas and increases blood circulation in the capillaries. It is important to follow the correct tactic of the procedure; the movements should be done from the bottom up, smoothly, without jerking or traumatising the skin;
  •  pressure: this is the third stage, which softens the upper layers of the dermis, thus destroying the cellulite. Here too, it is important to perform each movement very carefully to avoid injury;
  •  tapping: the final stage of an anti-cellulite massage.

Frequency of the treatment
For an effective massage it is necessary to start with 25 minutes, gradually increasing to 1 hour. There should be 3-5 sessions per week, for a total of 10 to 15 sessions, depending on the degree of cellulite.

The result of the anti-cellulite massage
Within a month you will notice the transformation of your skin: "orange peel" and volume will decrease, swollen tissues will disappear. If you keep a healthy diet and moderate physical activity, you will be able to maintain and multiply the results.

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