Preventive massage

Preventive massage
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Гінекологія Massage therapy
Drainage chest physiotherapy
350 UAH
Preventive physical therapy for all parts of back (without referral)
600 UAH
Preventive massage (without referral): neck, back, buttocks, hands, legs (1 session - 1 hour 20 minutes)
1 100 UAH
Sport physical therapy for back, arms and legs, 1 session
1 000 UAH
Physical therapy for arms (1 session, 30 min)
500 UAH
Physical therapy for head, neck, collar zone (1 session, 30 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for neck and chest zone (1 session, 25 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for neck, back, buttocks, legs (1 session, 1 h20min)
1 000 UAH
Physical therapy for neck and collar zone (1 session, 20 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for the thoracic spine (1 session, 20 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for thoracic and lumbar spine (1 session, 25 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for legs (1 session, 30 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for 1 leg (1 session, 15 min)
300 UAH
Physical therapy for 1 arm (1 session, 10 min)
300 UAH
Physical therapy for paravertebral zones (1 session, 25 min)
500 UAH
Physical therapy for lumbar-sacral zone (1 session, 20 min)
400 UAH
Physical therapy for all parts of back (neck, thoracic, lumbar zones) (1 session, 30 min)
500 UAH
Anti-cellilitic therapy for 2 legs, 1 hour
1 000 UAH
Anti-cellulitic therapy for stomach, 30 min
500 UAH
Anti-cellulitic therapy for 2 arms, 30 min
500 UAH

Preventive massage brings persons body and internal state to correct tone and also restores muscle tissue, improves the regeneration of all cells in the body and has a positive effect on brain activity.

When massage is needed?

Massage with chiropractic methods will be useful if a person leads a passive lifestyle, chronic fatiguesyndrome, insomnia, emotional stressed, has problems with the cardiovascular system, suffers from migraines, frequent headaches.

The most frequent conditions that can be improved by massage are osteochondrosis, protrusions, intervertebral hernias, other problems with the musculobones system, back pain of a different nature. The procedure is an excellent way of preventing these diseases. A preventive back massage is also used to improve work ability after mental and physical exertion, to restore metabolic processes in the body, the functioning of its organs, and will also be useful for those who lead an inactive lifestyle.

UNIVERSUM.CLINIC offers preventive massage in Kyiv wich provided by qualified doctors who have all necessary practice (massage, chiropractic methods).

Types of prophylaxis massage

Types of wellness massage:

  • general (back, abdomen, arms, legs, feet);
  • cervical-collar zone;
  • back (from the cervical-collar zone to the lumbosacral zone).

The main idea of prophylaxis massage sessions is to relieve stress and tension, both physical and psychological.

Preparing for massage

To get maximum benefit from wellness massage, you should follow simple recommendations for preparing. The last meal should be at least 2 hours before the procedure. This is necessary for digestive system should not be overload, so that there will not be any discomfort during the session. In addition, for a good relaxation of the muscles before the procedure, a warm shower іs welcome. After the session, you should not immediately jump up and run about. It is necessary to help the body back to usual activity, you just need to wait until the body cools down. It is recommended to lie down quietly for 10 minutes after the session.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the benefits of preventive massage for the body?

Massage accelerates blood flow throughout the body. The procedure switch on the regeneration of muscle and bone tissues, improves brain activity and the course of the lymphatic system. Subsequently, the metabolic processes of the whole organism are adjusted, which gets rid of toxins. As a result, the nutrition and condition of the skin, hair, nails, as well as the general physical condition improves.

What is the difference between wellness and therapeutic massage?

There is a fine line between these two types of the procedures under consideration: the therapeutic one is more focused on a specific health problem, it is based on a medical need, while the wellness one is a therapeutic tool and helps to get rid of stress, soothe tired muscle tissue, relieve pain and tension in the body, helps body to recover from stress and tension. The purpose of wellness massage is to improve overall health.

How often wellness massage should be done?

Specialists may recommend individual sessions every other day. The duration of the course is at least 7-10 sessions. Ideally, people who lead a non-active lifestyle should take a course of ten procedures from two to three times a year.

What does a general wellness massage include?

General wellness massage include effect on the whole body, it also can be myofascial or deep massage. This approach will help the body to activate own process of detoxication, strengthen the immune system and improve the general condition. General wellness massage includes such manipulations as: stroking, rubbing, kneading, drainage actions in the entire back, arms, legs, abdomen.

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