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Medical pedicure

Medical pedicure

A medical pedicure performed by  podologist in Universum Clinic is a guarantee of well-being and health. The procedure is carried out on modern equipment using safe and effective technologies for processing feet, nails and periungual ridges.

Doctor's consultation

After taking decision to set an appointment at private clinic, clients will receive detailed specialist advice. A specialized doctor, a podologist, will answer questions, select comprehensive solutions for identified problems.
The client needs to be constantly monitored by the doctor, because the lack of necessary therapy will result in complications - pain, severe coarsening of the skin, ingrown nails. Particularly reverent attitude to foot health should be shown by people with circulatory disorders, diabetes mellitus, vasculitis.

Indications for treatment

The specialist dealing with foot problems will painlessly remove corns and calluses, take care of the restoration and correction of nails with deformed and ingrown plates, solve the problem with cracks on the heels, and help cure fungal diseases. The technology of medical hardware pedicure includes other areas:
  • removal of warts;
  • treatment of hyperhidrosis;
  • therapeutic measures for a deformed, injured, diabetic foot.

How the treatment is done?

During first consultation, the doctor examines the foot, reveals damage and defects of the nail plates, skin integuments. If you suspect a fungal disease, appropriate laboratory tests are prescribed. According to the diagnostic results, the information is entered into the individual client card.
The medical pedicure procedure in the clinic will include the following steps:
  • application of disinfectants to the feet;
  • the use of an apparatus with various nozzles and cutters for processing problem areas (corners of ingrown nail plates, corns, coarsened corns);
  • prophylactic use of antifungal agents.
At the end of therapy, the doctor provides recommendations for further care, and if necessary directs the client to additional studies.

Medical pedicure: price

The price for services in a private clinic is fixed, and is shown in the table:
Edge cutting of an ingrown nail plate
40 €
Removal of the nail plate
60 €
Removal of the foot hematoma
30 €
Medical pedicure with hyperkeratosis removal (1 foot)
40 €


In Universum Clinic, a medical pedicure procedure in Kyiv is carried out by a surgeon, PhD, specialist in the management of patients with diabetic foot. Being engaged in cosmetic and medical foot care, the doctor develops complex therapy to improve and extend the quality of life of clients.
Make an appointment with a specialist in Universum Clinic and get a professional medical pedicure service!