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In Ukraine, oncological diseases come second in terms of the mortality causes. Cancer can be displaced from the top three if you carefully look after your health and have the disease diagnosed at early stages.

The fight against oncology is not a matter of one day, both for the patient and the doctor. And the ace of trumps in this fight is the early detection of cancer. All cases of early detection of cancer are mostly incidental findings. Even where the suspicion is minimal – groundless weight loss, loss of strength, blood in feces, urine, diarrhea or constipation, vomiting, abdominal distension, persistent pain in any organ, persistent cough, fever for a month, increased lymph nodes – you should immediately consult an oncologist.

To visit the oncologist does not mean to become a cancer patient. To visit the oncologist means to exclude or confirm oncology, as well as to prescribe adequate treatment in the latter case.

The unpleasant feature of cancer is that it is usually “silent” and does not manifest itself in terms of symptoms at early stages. All cases of early detection of cancer are mostly incidental findings. Therefore, cancer screening, preventive examinations by a gynecologist, mammologist, urologist, and proctologist are vital. If possible, we recommend all people over 30 to undergo a full-body CT scan once or twice a year.

The effect of cancer treatment largely depends on the choice of the correct sequence of treatment methods – whether to start with chemotherapy, surgery, or radiotherapy.

In our Clinic, we make treatment choices according to the ESMO, ASCO and NCCN international protocols. Compliance with accepted standards helps maximize the patients’ quality of life and the expected response to treatment. Patients should also adhere to rules – no delay in the examination and treatment. The principle of oncology: defer no time, delays have dangerous ends.

Listen to your body!

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