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Psychology and Psychotherapy

Psychology and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy — is a system of therapeutic intervention into the psyche and through the psyche on the human body.

A disease should not be fully considered only as a somatic disorder without regard to the psychological part, which is not less significant and sometimes even crucial. Defining the problems and setting the goal of psychotherapeutic work are the beginning in the way of establishing “power over oneself”. As a rule, these goals express a desire to change your state, to get rid of painful emotions, to improve your relationships with valued people.

A psychotherapist is engaged in helping a person better know themselves and start thinking differently, behave differently, or look at the world differently. In these relationships, which determine your life, the psychotherapist acts more like an assistant rather than an adviser.

When should you consult a domain specialist?

The reasons for people to visit the psychotherapist are quite diverse, namely:

  • feelings about the existing unresolved inner conflict, constant inner discomfort that manifests itself in depression, anxiety, intrusive thoughts
  • the feeling of a constant inner barrier, stubbornly not allowing to achieve the goals set, achievement of other results of the work done
  • general weakness, dizziness, decreased performance, undue fatigability
  • there is something that you have never succeeded in, but you feel like changing the situation (for example, it is difficult for you to speak in front of an unfamiliar audience, to communicate with people who are uncomfortable for you)
  • situational problems such as conflicts with people close to you, fellow colleagues

Diagnostic methods, a variety of diagnostic techniques provided by the Clinic

In psychology and psychotherapy, various drawing, projective tests, questionnaires, surveys in the form of questioning and interviews are used as diagnostics methods, including sociometric, biographical, genetic, mathematical methods, performance analysis, etc.

How to prepare for the visit, procedure and diagnostics

Before visiting the psychotherapist, it is important to clearly formulate your problem for yourself, which will help the specialist to handle it as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is also important to consider in general your expectations from visiting the psychotherapist and their help. It is essential that your goal be realistic, for example, you should get closer to understanding the essence of your problem following the visit.

Try to chase fears from your mind, we will help you for sure.