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Diseases of the respiratory tract, bronchi, and lungs are managed by a domain specialist called pulmonologist. Pulmonology is concerned with inflammatory diseases, infections, various kinds of respiratory diseases. A pulmonologist will certainly conduct a concurrent diagnostics of the nasopharynx, larynx, because infections often affect several adjacent sections.

Pulmonology in Kyiv is not the most common domain. Our Clinic can proudly present skilled pulmonologists who are as good as the leading domain specialists of the best foreign clinics. Excellent education, long-term practice, face-to-face contacts with the best “guru” of the medical field – all this allows our pulmonologists to diagnose, manage and prevent diseases at the highest level.

Pulmonology Universum Clinic

When should you consult a pulmonologist?

Common cold with cough and running nose is usually easy to treat. In complicated cases, however, a therapist may refer the patient to the pulmonologist for consultation to confirm the diagnosis and prescribe a specific treatment.

One should be alarmed by the following symptoms, which are the grounds to visit the pulmonologist:

  • cough, especially if the reason for it is not clear, and if it persists for a while and does not respond to treatment with common and affordable antitussive drugs
  • dyspnea that occurs at rest or persists for a long time after exercise, shortness of breath with difficulty exhaling
  • sense of discomfort, accompanying an intake of breath, compressing pain, shortness of breath, loud whistling breathing, wheezing
  • asthma attacks
  • nasal discharge accompanied by sneezing, itchy eyes, reddening of the skin
  • cough with profuse sputum

The pulmonologist in Kyiv is a specialist who can establish the cause of painful reactions and take measures to ensure patient’s full recovery. Given that lung and respiratory diseases, according to information from various sources, account for 40-50% of the total incidence, pulmonology in Kyiv is one of the most demanded medical domains.

What examinations does the pulmonologist conduct?

The pulmonologist interviews patients, listening to their complaints. An objective view of the state of the respiratory organs helps to draw up a pulmonary test to measure the volume of air passing through the lungs.

In addition, the pulmonologist must trace back the chronology of the onset of symptoms and possible genetic predisposition (if ancestors or close/blood relatives suffered from the above diseases).
Specific diagnostics includes auscultation using a phonendoscope. With all its simplicity and familiarity, this procedure allows a skilled specialist to hear rales and their peculiarities (dry or moist), as well as recognize the diminished breath sounds.

The pulmonologist will certainly prescribe a complete blood count to patients, which will tell a lot about both the general condition of the body and the presence of inflammatory processes. The pulmonologist can also determine the degree of oxygen in blood, which is also directly related to the respiratory function.

Laboratory tests include analysis of nasal discharge, sputum, which is necessary to identify the causative agent and determine those medicines that will ensure the most effective management.

To detect allergic bronchial asthma, it is necessary to identify an allergen. Therefore, provocative tests are carried out. They allow not only to minimize the number of attacks by eliminating contact with the allergen, but also to prescribe a treatment that will help the organism adapt to a substance that causes an inadequate reaction.

Latest methods of diagnosis and treatment in pulmonology

Our Clinic has the opportunity to refer a patient to the pulmonologist for the most up-to-date diagnostic procedures.

The examinations include chest radiography and computed tomography, bronchography, and bronchoscopy. Sputum is checked not only for pathogenic flora, but also for atypical cells.

Both conservative and surgical treatment can be prescribed depending on the disease identified.

Do you need a pulmonologist in Kyiv? Contact our Clinic, here you will find careful treatment, highly-skilled medical officers and state-of-the-art equipment.