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Department of Sleep Medicine

Department of Sleep Medicine

Disorders of sleep and wakefulness are immediately reflected in everyday life, having a negative impact on productivity, well-being, level of human energy. However, the symptoms listed are just the tip of the iceberg. The insidiousness of the problem lies in its depth. The absence of a normal sleep structure is the cause of hormonal disruptions, disturbances in daily biorhythms, and an increased risk of serious diseases - diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. It is extremely important to seek help in Universum Clinic in a timely manner and get an appointment with a somnologist.

Somnologist consultation: milestones

A visit to a somnologist in a private clinic begins with a detailed medical history, analysis of complaints, and a client survey. As part of the consultation, the doctor will diagnose and identify the causes of the indicated problems in the form of snoring, night apnea, insomnia, and restless legs syndrome. Having received initial guidelines from the doctor for further selection of the most effective and safe treatment, people will gain a chance to restore and extend the lost quality. In Universum Clinic, he will be offered advanced treatment methods based on the protocols of modern evidence-based medicine.

Causes of Sleep Disorders

A set of social and medical causes leads to disorders. These are emotional outbursts, overeating, experiencing constant stress, overwork. Often, an appointment with a somnologist is carried out by people who are at high risk. They have organic brain lesions, are addicted to alcohol and drugs, suffer from pathologies of the hormonal system and diseases of internal organs - heart, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, etc.

When you should visit a doctor

Appointment with somnologist will prevent the development of complications. You should set an exect date of appointment when the following symptoms are detected:
  • difficulty falling asleep;
  • feeling tired after waking up;
  • restless and sensitive sleep;
  • frequent waking up in my sleep;
  • nightmares.

What diseases we treat

The clinic successfully treats clients with such diagnoses in medical records:
  • insomnia;
  • hypersomnia;
  • sleep and waking disorders.

What diagnostic methods are used?

The diagnostic program includes the following studies:
  • polysomnography (diagnostic night).

Base of Effective Treatment in Universum Clinic

Clients who set an appointment with the somnologist at Universum Clinic will be offered the safest and most effective methods of restoring normal sleep patterns known to modern medical science. This is psychotherapy, drug and hardware treatment, physiotherapy. Treatment will be aimed at comprehensive care of the body. Doctors will analyze every detail, evaluate the current state of health in order to individually develop for each client a detailed step-by-step plan of therapeutic measures.

Somnologist: price for services

In a private clinic, prices are fixed. You can familiarize yourself with the range of tariffs before visiting a profile specialist:
Consultation of sleep disorders (apnoe) specialist in English
1 500 грн
Polysomnography (diagnostic night)
3 000 грн


The best somnologists in Kyiv work at Universum Clinic, who undergo internal training at the clinic and participate in foreign and Ukrainian continuing education programs. In addition to the development of fundamental medical blocks in their narrow profile, doctors study customer service standards, acquire knowledge about the basics of effective interaction with visitors. Doctors rely on a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of sleep disorders, and, if necessary, resort to consulting doctors of related specialties in order to find a solution for the client aimed at a comprehensive restoration of health.
You should not take lightly on sleep problems, and postpone an appointment with the somnologist, referring to the employment and insignificance of the problem. Contact your profile doctor at the first alarming symptoms, and you will receive a comprehensive medical service provided according to the highest quality standards. The result of the work of our doctors is good health and well-being of our clients.