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Ultrasound diagnostics

Ultrasound diagnostics

Ultrasound diagnostics – is a modern research method that allows to penetrate into the human body without using a scalpel. The device on the screen shows what is happening in different organs. The doctor sees healthy tissues and various disorders of their structure, marks neoplasms and inflamed tissues.

Gastroenterology is quite well developed in Kyiv today. High-quality equipment and first-class specialists help to detect diseases at an early stage. Accelerated pace of life, snacks instead of a full meal and overeating at night, genetic predisposition and chronic diseases are prerequisites for the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases, so every person in our time is simply obliged to visit the gastroenterologist regularly.

We have the most modern ultrasound diagnostics in Kiev. The best specialists are ours. Ultrasound devices of different generations significantly differ in functionality. The most correct diagnosis, identification of problems at an early stage is possible only with the use of the modern apparatus. The qualification of a specialist who conducts research is also important, because any device must be properly tuned and correctly decoded, interpreted the information that it gives. Only an expert of high qualification is able to use all the capabilities of high-precision equipment for diagnosis.

Ultrasound images

Advantages of ultrasound

Absolutely painless method. Therefore it may me used for people who afraid to feel the pain. Ultrasound diagnostics may be used for children, pregnant women, patients with lowered immunity and aged.

Ultrasound is absolutely safe for patients.

The most important advantage of ultrasound is the high accuracy of the studies. Ultrasound diagnostics can detect abnormalities at the earliest stage, when the patient either does not feel the pain at all or when the pain does not give the opportunity to make the correct diagnosis. In addition, ultrasound – an indispensable method of clarifying the diagnosis, for example, the location of the tumor. Without ultrasound, operative intervention is not prescribed at this stage, since this method helps to make the operation more accurate and sparing.

The possibility of immediate results makes this kind of diagnostic more actual. This can be critical for emergency states. After all, the doctor does not spend extra time getting research results, processing it – he reads all necessary information directly from the monitor screen.

Types of ultrasound diagnostics

The most common form is the examination of internal organs:

  • Abdominal cavity
  • Chest
  • Pelvic organs
  • Lymph nodes
  • Kidneys, adrenals
  • Soft tissues
  • Mammary glands

In addition, the use of dopplerography allows you to establish the condition of blood vessels, see obstructions to the blood flow and its condition. And this is an important stage in the diagnosis of vascular disorders and diseases.

Ultrasound diagnostics in Kiev is also popular among expectant mothers. It not only makes it possible to recognize the sex of the baby in the early stages, but also reveals serious abnormalities in its development, as well as fetal malformations, allowing emergency measures to be taken to preserve its life and health.

Record on ultrasound in our clinic by phone or on the web-site and come at the appointed time. It does not take long to wait in the queue. You will find a comfortable, quiet environment, polite staff and doctors. “Maximum attention – a minimum of inconveniences for the patient during the research” – this is the motto of our clinic.

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