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Dietetics is a medical specialty that studies the effects of food and products on the human body. In Ukraine, a nutritionist can be a person with a medical education, only doctor.

Nutritionology deeply studies biochemical processes in the human body and the biochemical cycle of nutrition in the human body. The practical use of nutritionology is helping a person with various disorders and diseases caused by poor and unbalanced human nutrition, lack of nutrients (vitamins, amino acids, trace elements). A nutritionist  helps a person to determine the lack or excess of certain nutrients, to determine a person's need for nutrients. A nutritionist makes a complete nutrition program using supplements for treatment and recovery and accompanies a person during the program.

Doctor nutritionist has the specialty and competence to understand the composition of food products, biochemical, nutritional components of food products, and the biochemical processes of the human body. Thus, a nutritionist can determine the path each product takes in the human body, what substances each food product contains, how food products affect biochemical processes in the human body, and what processes take place.

That is, a nutritionist doctor knows the composition of products and the processes of the human body down to the molecules, after consuming this or that product.

A nutritionist doctor helps a person to choose necessary nutriotion by correcting the diet and correct diagnostics, so that each product of consumption is useful for this person, so that due to proper nutrition, a person receives all the nutrients, and most importantly, how to achieve a therapeutic effect, recovery through proper nutrition from diseases, avoid aggravation of diseases and prevent diseases.

Who needs the consultation of a nutritionist doctor?

The consultation of a specialist nutritionist is shown to literally every person and it is not a joke. We are what we eat. Moreover, all the scientific trends of antiage and longevity were reduced not to creams and cosmetic procedures, but to the study of microorganisms in the human intestine. And as you know, it is the daily diet that affects and shapes the human gut microbiome. That is, the condition of the skin, mood, activity, physical and psychological health depends on which microorganisms live in the human intestine.

A nutritionist helps to form a diet and choose products in case of conditions such as:

  • Overweight
  • Lack of weight
  • Eating disorder
  • "fear of food, fear of certain products"
  • Disorders of the menstrual cycle (secondary amenorrhea), PCOS
  • Type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance
  • Hypertensive disease
  • Any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcer disease, colitis, pancreatitis, lack or hyperfunction of the pancreas, non-specific ulcerative colitis)
  • Removed gall bladder
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Emotional "eating"
  • Allergic manifestations or food intolerance (gluten, lactose)
  • Veganism or vegetarianism
  • Constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and any other manifestations of functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Hormonal disorders of the thyroid gland
  • Sports nutrition

Nutritionists at Universum Clinic have are specialized doctors and have specialization in dietetics, work with kids from 12 years old and with adults. Universum Clinic doctors, together with doctors from Universum Clinic medical team help identify eating disorders and establish correct diagnoses, after which they select an individual diet to achieve the best effect in a person's recovery.

How does the nutritionist's consultation work?

During the consultation of a nutritionist at the Universum Clinic, the doctor defines the problem and the purpose of the consultation together with Client. The doctor conducts a detailed survey about your health. Than doctor conducts a medical examination, takes measurements, determines the body mass index, determines with the help of the digital smart devices, the state and ratio of muscle tissue to fat tissue, the state of tissues (density, tone of tissues, the ratio of fluid and its predominant location (inside cells or intercellular space), determines blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, measures body temperature.

Next, the doctor draws up a consultation report, determines a further road map together with Client.

The nutritionist offers additional laboratory tests or necessary diagnostic if needed, determines the following changes in the client's diet, physical activity and lifestyle.

F. A. Q.
What Client gets after nutritionists’ consultation?
  • After a nutritionist’s consultation, you receive road map, a food diary, a daily schedule, a work and rest schedule, activity program, which must be followed under the supervision and guidance of a doctor.
What’s the difference between dietitist and nutritionist?
  • In comparison with dietetics, the western term nutritionology is more successful. Nutritionology is both a biochemical and a medical field that studies the nutritional and biochemical value of human food products, the nutritional value of products and their impact on the human body. In the USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Europe, a nutritionist can be a person with a higher medical education and a person who has a degree in biological and biochemical education.
  • In Ukraine, there is a medical concept of doctor nutritionist. Doctor nutritionist is a doctor who has completed medical education and medical specialization in the field of dietetics.
What laboratory tests should be passed before the consultation
  • Client doesn’t need to take tests before nutritionist appointment. Because without a doctor's appointment, you can take both unnecessary tests and not take the necessary tests. Correct way is to start with a detailed doctor's consultation in order to get exactly the tests you need.
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