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Blood diseases

Blood diseases include disorders of the chemical composition of the blood. These can either be congenital, hereditary disorders or acquired disorders caused by external factors.
Blood diseases include diseases in which the level of hemoglobin in the blood decreases - anaemia; leukaemia, a malignant disorder of blood formation; and thrombocytopenia, a disease in which the number of platelets in the blood decreases to a dangerous level.

Diagnosing blood diseases
In order to make a diagnosis a detailed blood test must be performed. Your doctor may then prescribe tests for cancer markers and additional examinations to help determine a comprehensive picture of your health.

If a blood disorder is suspected, an experienced general practitioner should be consulted. The specialist will prescribe therapies that will alleviate symptoms and help normalise your condition as well as possible. Such diseases should not be left to chance, as blood problems diagnosed in time can be cured if all the doctors' recommendations are followed.
The Universum Clinic specialists will also advise you on how to reduce the risks of acquired blood disorders and what lifestyle you should follow.

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Istomin Aleksandr
Istomin Aleksandr
Hematologist, Pediatrician
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Bilonosova Ekaterina
Bilonosova Ekaterina
Hematologist, Oncohematologist, Chief Medical
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