Chest pain

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Consultation of a cardiologist
1 000 UAH
Гінекологія Repeated consultations
Follow-up consultation of a cardiologist
900 UAH

Chest pains are always frightening to people, they are associated with heart pain. If this discomfort is accompanied by difficulty in breathing, pressure spikes, weakness after exercise and tachycardia, it is all reasons to see a cardiologist.

Symptoms of heart pain

  •  a sharp, crushing pain in the chest that lasts more than 5 minutes;
  •  pain in the left arm, neck and jaw exactly on the left side;
  •  weakness, breathlessness, blurred consciousness, nausea, "stars" in front of the eyes.

When chest pain is an indication of other conditions
Spinal problems are characterised by a sharp pain that increases when you try to turn suddenly, move or cough.
Lung diseases may also be accompanied by chest pain. It is felt when you try to cough, breathe in deeply, and feels like an acute spasm.
Gastrointestinal problems are related to eating and not to physical activity.
Stress, anxiety and psychological problems may also be accompanied by chest pain, but these go away as soon as the person calms down.

What to do if you have heart pain
Ignoring symptoms can make a person's condition worse, especially if they have a history of heart problems. Self-treatment will also waste valuable time.
If you experience heart pain and associated symptoms, you should seek help from a cardiologist. Modern diagnostic equipment and experienced specialists at Universum Clinic ensure quick and comprehensive diagnosis of heart problems. As a result, the patient receives an individualised course of treatment, which is carried out under the supervision of a doctor.

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