Consultation cost
Consultation of a nutritionist
1 300 UAH

Nutritiology is a science that deals with the study of nutrition, the composition of food, its effect on the human body and its compatibility with each other. The nutritionist does not treat nutritional disorders and the resulting problems (this requires a dietarian), but helps his clients to improve their health by eating proper food, helping them to find a balanced menu based on their lifestyle.

Depending on the client's needs (to lose weight, to gain muscle mass, to increase energy levels), the nutritionist helps them develop a menu and recommends which supplements to include in their diet and which drinking habits to follow.
By following the recommendations of a nutritionist, you can improve your health, avoid many diseases, and all this without taking medication.

In order for the doctor to be able to choose the best diet on the client's request, he needs to know the person's anamnesis, heredity, rhythm of life, state of health at the moment, taste preferences.
After a visit to a nutritionist, if the person adheres to the recommendations, he or she will be able to eat easily and taste delicious food, and will have better health and more energy.

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