Sports injures

Orthopedics and traumatology
Consultation of an orthopedist (traumatologist)
1 000 UAH
Follow-up consultation of a orthopedist (traumatologist)
900 UAH
Intra-articular injection
700 UAH
Оrthopedic centesis
900 UAH
Removal of a bandage
400 UAH
Scotchcast application
700 UAH
Applying a fixing (soft, elastic) bandage
250 UAH
Cervical collar fixation (the collar cost price is not included)
600 UAH
Plasmolifting (PRP-therapy)
1 650 UAH
Аnaesthetic block (infiltration of pain points by medications, without the cost of medicines)
700 UAH
Soft-casting on the upper limb
500 UAH
Soft-casting on the lower limb
750 UAH
Reduction of dislocation (reposition)
950 UAH

Sports injuries
Sports injuries can happen not only to professional athletes, but also to amateurs if they do not stick to the rules. Injuries occur in almost every sport.

The most common sports injuries are:

  •  muscle strain (due to overloading);
  •  torn ligaments (also caused by overloading);
  •  Achilles tendon injury (caused by a careless jump or landing afterwards);
  •  tear of the meniscus of the knee joint (caused by simultaneous bending and rotating of the knee joint);
  •  limb fractures;
  •  spinal cord injuries;
  •  craniocerebral injuries.

Rehabilitation after an injury
Each case is different, so doctors use a selection of recovery methods that are tailored to each patient. This may include the use of pain medication, complete motor rest, the use of elastic bandages to secure the injured limb, and plastering. Therapeutic exercise and massage are also used for recovery. These procedures are carried out under the supervision of physical therapists who have considerable experience in the rehabilitation of sports injuries and use international protocols in their work.
If the injury is very serious and requires a long rehabilitation period, the doctor will draw up a rehabilitation scheme that must be strictly adhered to. It can vary, depending on the dynamics of recovery.
Consultation of a psychologist is also possible, if a person is very nervous after an injury, his or her sleep is disturbed or he or she becomes withdrawn.

All Universum Clinic specialists, working together, will help you recover from a sports injury in the shortest possible time and return to a normal life.

Cholak Vladyslav Vitaliyovych
Cholak Vladyslav Vitaliyovych
Orthopedist, Traumatologist
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Maksym Valeriyovych Apanasenko
Maksym Valeriyovych Apanasenko
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Novitsyuk Gleb
Novitsyuk Gleb
Orthopedist, Traumatologist
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