Psychology and Psychotherapy

Гінекологія Consultation cost
Counselling session (1 hour)
1 400 UAH

Life of every person is full of events and, unfortunately, not always joyful. Divorce, illness, financial difficulties, job loss and others can cause feelings of psychological discomfort, illness or depression. During the COVID-19 pandemic and in forced self-isolation for a long time, people are increasingly faced with psychological problems, leading to depression, illness and a decrease in the quality of life. In this case, it is important to realize that unpleasant events occur in everyone's life.

The services of a psychologist, the psychotherapist can be obtained both in the clinic and through online consultations.

Services provided in the direction of psychology/psychotherapy:

  •  consultations of a psychologist (psychotherapist)
  •  family psychologist
  •  work with addictions (alcohol, drug addiction, etc.)
  •  psychiatrist
  •  psychotherapy
  •  online consultation

Doctors also note an increase in psychological problems after suffering an illness caused by COVID-19, such as:

  • insomnia
  • decreased mood, depression
  • ack of desire to do something
  • rapid fatigue or constant fatigue
  • decreased or complete lack of appetite, etc.

If you notice one or more symptoms after suffering from coronavirus disease, do not postpone a visit to a psychologist or psychotherapist. Timely therapy will help you quickly cope with complications and restore health.

Red beacons, or when you need to see a specialist:

  •  sustained decline in mood
  •  loss of the ability to enjoy things that used to take them
  •  sustained decline in self-esteem
  •  inadequate feelings of guilt
  •  impaired intellectual ability / memory
  •  inability to concentrate on routine duties
  •  thoughts about the meaning of life

UNIVERSUM.CLINIC employs professional psychologists and psychotherapists who will help to cope with problems, if necessary, prescribe additional research and corrective therapy.

Remember, a timely visit to a doctor for help will help you quickly and in a short period of time to solve psychological problems and bring you back to life.


Horak Nataliya
Horak Nataliya
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