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Гінекологія Consultation cost
Counselling session (1 hour)
1 400 UAH

Depression is a mental health disorder when a person has a depressed mood and other symptoms which are concerned with thoughts, feelings, behavior, physical condition for a long time (from several days to several months). Depression is rarely caused by one specific cause.

Depression symptoms

  •  depressed mood;
  •  loss of pleasure;
  •  fatigue;
  •  loss of self-esteem;
  •  excessive self-criticism;
  •  constant, often baseless feelings of guilt;
  •  cyclic suicidal thoughts;
  •  sleep disturbance;
  •  sharp spike in weight.


Medications (antidepressants) and psychotherapy are used to treat depression. Considering the severity of the condition, the need for constant monitoring of therapy by a specialist, it is important to consult an experienced doctor. The Universum Clinic offers the services of psychologists and psychotherapists who will help cope with many psychological problems, including depression. Using an individual approach to the selection of therapeutic method, specialists will help you return to normal life quickly.

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Vasylets Maria
Vasylets Maria
Neurologist, psychiatrist
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