Panic attack

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Panic attacks are unreasonable attacks of fear, anxiety, which are characterized by deterioration of physical health. Panic attacks affect about 5% of the world's population, most often women at young age.

Symptoms of panic attacks

  •  Feeling of anxiety and fear when there is no reason for it;
  •  feeling as if you are about to suffocate;
  •  rapid heart beating;
  •  sweating;
  •  chills;
  •  jump in blood preassure;
  •  trouble sleeping;
  •  depressed mood.

If panic attacks occur constantly, they can lead to depression, neurosis and other mental problems.

Treatment of panic attacks
Comprehensive treatment includes taking medication, as well as psychotherapy. Drugs management is a strictly individual process which depends on the severity of panic attacks. In addition, the doctor can adjust the prescription of medication or cancel it altogether considering the effectiveness of the treatment. Psychotherapy sessions are also adjusted to the needs of clients so that they feel comfortable and convenient during therapy.
You should not hesitate to contact a psychotherapist. If you cannot overcome panic attacks on your own, the specialists will help you do so.

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Horak Nataliya
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