Anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders
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Anxiety disorders are a type of neurotic condition when a person is constantly anxious about life circumstances, about people in their environment. Regular stressful situations lead to a person becoming withdrawn and ceasing to communicate with loved ones. The problem most often occurs when people are in their 20s and 30s.

Symptoms of anxiety disorder

  •  Regular feelings of anxiety, nervous tension;
  •  sleep disturbances;
  •  mood swings;
  •  apathy;
  •  decreased ability to work;
  •  arrhythmia;
  •  difficulties with relaxation, inability to get proper rest;
  •  conflicts with loved ones and colleagues.

In order to determine treatment tactics for anxiety disorders, it is necessary to find out the causes of the disease. Specialists conduct an initial consultation, testing, and collect data about client’s life and close relatives. Next, the psychotherapist determines the range of therapeutic measures: medication, psychotherapy, and correction of lifestyle. The effectiveness depends on how the patient will follow the doctor's prescriptions. Specialists at the clinic help get rid of anxiety disorders and teach how to avoid their recurrence.

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Vasylets Maria
Vasylets Maria
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