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Package "APNOE" (2 nights of monosomnography + 2 c-tion of neurologist +1 c-tion of ENT + 1 c-tion of psychologist)
7 900 UAH
Consultation of a somnologist
1 000 UAH
Functional diagnostics
Polysomnography (screening monosomnography) with Mawi Sleep Test (1 night at home)
1 900 UAH
Polysomnography (screening monosomnography) with Mawi Sleep Test (2 nights at home)
3 300 UAH


Is a modern instrumental method for diagnosing sleep disorders. Polysomnographic study is a long-term (day or more) monitoring of various physiological functions during sleep.

With the help of polysomnography, the causes of sleep disturbances can be identified.

Polysomnography makes it possible to diagnose respiratory disorders (sleep apnea), disorders of the cardiovascular system, neurological disorders - involuntary movements of the limbs during sleep (restless legs syndrome), bruxism (involuntary movement of the chewing muscles that causes teeth grinding during sleep), nocturnal epilepsy (muscle cramps during sleep or on awakening).

The Mawi Sleep test polysomnograph

The Mawi Sleep test polysomnograph is a modern screening system for the early diagnosis of apnea. This small device attaches to the patient and helps to track sleep in the most comfortable home environment. Now there is no need to spend the night in the clinic, feel constrained in numerous wires and experience discomfort.

With the Mawi Sleep test polysomnograph, an innovative solution for diagnosing sleep problems, including apnea and respiratory arrest.

Benefits of the Mawi Sleep test:

- Convenience and safety. Now there is no need to sleep in an unfamiliar place, outside the house and be tangled in wires.

- No wires - the polysomnograph attached to the finger before going to bed and the start fixed in the program on the smartphone.

- Quick decryption, the ability to provide a report in Ukrainian or English

- The ability to monitor up to 10 nights with one device.

- Research takes place in real time, in a natural setting and without unnecessary stress.

- No need to come to the clinic to return the device, you can send it by Nova Poshta.

Kushlik Nataliia
Kushlik Nataliia
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