Vein disorders / phlebologist

Vein disorders / phlebologist
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Гінекологія Phlebology
Consultation of a vasular surgeon/phlebologist
800 UAH
Consultation of a vasular surgeon/phlebologist in English
1 300 UAH
Online consultation a vasular surgeon/phlebologist
400 UAH
Online consultation of a vasular surgeon/phlebologist in English
600 UAH
Laser treatment for varicose veins of the lower extremities for 1 session
18 700 UAH
Phlebectomy of 1 vessel
6 700 UAH
Sclerotherapy of the superficial vein and spider veins for 1 zone
3 400 UAH
Sclerotherapy of a great vein for 1 zone
6 700 UAH
Thrombectomy / miniphlebectomy for varicose vein
3 700 UAH
Damaged arteries and veins are unable to fully supply the limbs with oxygen and nutrients. The result is swelling, seizures, pain. To protect yourself from unpleasant symptoms, it is important to see a phlebologist at the Universum Clinic. Professionals will find a simple and safe way to restore quality of life, personally prescribing a complex treatment for the client to restore health and maintain the functionality of the walls of blood vessels.

Phlebologist's consultation

By making an appointment with a phlebologist, clients of a private clinic fall into the hands of a responsible and competent doctor who deals with the treatment, examination and prevention of vein diseases. The doctor will perform the examination, collect a detailed anamnesis, assign the necessary list of laboratory and instrumental examinations for the correct formulation of the diagnosis. The therapy will be built on the basis of personal characteristics of the body.

Reasons for vein diseases 

Genetic predisposition, overweight, lack of adequate physical activity in the daily routine, lifting weights - these are only some of the reasons that contribute to the development of diseases.
An appointment with a vascular surgeon also occurs in situations where the damage to the veins is caused by bad habits, unbalanced diet, prolonged stay in an upright position associated with the genus of professional activity.

When it is necessary to contact a phlebologist in Kyiv

It's important to be careful about your health. In the early stages, illnesses occur with weak symptoms, and only a specialist can identify the problem and find preventive measures to address it. You should not ignore a visit to the Universum Clinic and with obvious signs of diseases that manifest themselves as follows:
  • veins that protrude dark blue or purple;
  • swollen legs; 
  • brown pigmentation on the ankles and tibia; 
  • pain in the legs, painful sensations are strong and persistent, in any position;
  • ulcers in the extremities;
  • occasional cramps in the legs.

Diseases that we treat

Phlebologist's consultations do not only mean a complete vein examination, but also the appointment of preventive measures. The doctor, who has invaluable practical experience, will apply the protocols of modern evidence-based medicine for the effective treatment of these diseases:
  • atherosclerosis;
  • varicose veins;
  • thrombophlebitis, thrombosis;
  • chronic venous insufficiency;
  • obliterating endarteritis and other leg vascular lesions;
  • strombolitic disease;
  • reticular varicose veins and telangiectasia (vascular asterisks);
  • trophic disorders (trophic ulcers).

Diagnostic methods

The consultation appointment of a phlebologist in a private clinic includes examinations necessary for a detailed assessment of the condition of the veins, to clarify and adjust the proposed diagnosis. Within the walls of the Universum Clinic for error-free diagnosis the following methods are used:
  • laboratory tests;
  • ultrasonic Dopplerography;
  • ultrasonic duplex scan.

Treatment by a paid vascular surgeon

If you follow the therapy plan proposed at the consultation of a vascular surgeon, it will be possible to get rid of pain, varicose nodes, areas with vein dilation in a short time. The doctor will choose safe and effective methods of treatment, which include taking medication, surgery, physiotherapy.


Aware of the importance of establishing a trusting relationship with clients, the private clinic treats the issue of payment responsibly. The cost of procedures is transparent and fixed. You can see the prices in the table:

Our staff

In addition to an in-depth study of specialized medical units, our doctors are engaged in mastering high standards of service and effective methods of interaction with clients. Training takes place both within the internal educational system, the format of which is borrowed from American colleagues, and at advanced training courses held in Ukraine and abroad. Doctors are focused on finding solutions for complex health recovery, so if necessary, they resort to consulting physicians of related specializations.
Our doctors
Stepan Ambartsumian
Stepan Ambartsumian
Surgeon, proctologist, phlebologist, doctor of ultrasound diagnostics
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