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Гінекологія Urology
Consultation of an urologist
700 UAH
Follow-up consultation of an urologist
500 UAH
Consultation of an urologist in English
1 200 UAH
Follow-up consultation of an urologist in English
1 100 UAH
Online consultation of an urologist
400 UAH
Online consultation of an urologist in English
1 200 UAH
Prostate massage (1 session)
400 UAH
Instillation of urethra/urine bladder (without cost of medications)
300 UAH
Intracavernous injection (without cost of medication)
600 UAH
Blockade of the spermatic cord
700 UAH
Urethral bougienage
900 UAH
Cystostoma changing (without cost of catheter)
900 UAH
Urine bladder catheterization (without cost of catheter)
400 UAH
Treatment of genital warts, papillomas of genital organs by medications (urology)
500 UAH
Radiowave treatment of genital warts, papillomas of genital organs (up to 3 elements)
1 100 UAH
Post-surgery bandage (urology)
400 UAH
Foreskin sanation for boys
400 UAH
Removal of dropsy (hydrocele) of the testicle by Bergman or Winkelman (preoperative tests, surgery, anesthesiologist support + anesthesia, postoperative stay in the ward up to 2 hours)
14 800 UAH
Material collection procedure from urogenital tract
150 UAH

In case of acute and chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, an appointment with a urologist is required. 
Urologist at UNIVERSUM.CLINIC make professional consultations and propose plan of treatment according to modern protocols.  

Consultation of urologist at UNIVERSUM.CLINIC 

A regular visit to a urologist in a private clinic will allow you to detect diseases in the early stages, the course of which occurs without severe symptoms. Also, a doctor’s consultation is required in acute conditions requiring immediate intervention. During consultation, a specialist will examine and collect an anamnesis, inform the client about the nature of the problems detected, treatment methods, potential risks and the expected effectiveness of the therapy.
The initial visit does not require special preparation. If any investigations are prescribed, the doctor will tell you in detail about the specifics of how to prepare for manipulations in order to exclude the possibility of an inaccurate diagnosis.

Causes of Urological Diseases

The nature of common problems with the genitourinary system is pretty commonplace. Among the factors predisposing to diseases are neglect of the rules of personal intimate hygiene, illegibility in the choice of sexual partners, errors in the compilation of a daily diet. However, the reasons may lie in the past injuries, anatomical features of the body.

When you should visit a doctor

  • urinary disorders, painful sensations or itching
  • frequent urinary urges
  • painful sensations in the genitals, which can become more acute during intercourse
  • pain at the bottom of the abdomen - pulling or abrupt
  • slight urine discharge when it feels full
  • colic in the lower back area
  • blood in the urine
  • swelling of the face or legs
  • urinary incontinence

What diseases we treat

Diagnostics during urologist's consultation

Examination by a urologist is not the only diagnostic method. Given the nature of the identified pathology and the specifics of the proposed diagnosis, the doctor will recommend a series of laboratory and instrumental investigations to client. Among them:

Treatment at Universum Clinic

Based on the results of the tests, the doctor will prescribe an appointment, which may include drug therapy with constant dynamic monitoring of the results, local physiotherapeutic procedures, operations. The doctor selects a course of treatment based on the current state of health of the client and the individual characteristics of his body, with the aim of maximally prolonging and improving the quality of human life.


The clinic is attended by experienced urologists who constantly improve their skills.

Make an appointment with a urologist - you will gain health and get rid of diseases of the genitourinary system under the supervision of professional specialists!

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