Kidney diseases

Гінекологія Urology
Consultation of an urologist
1 000 UAH
Follow-up consultation of an urologist
500 UAH
Prostate massage (1 session)
400 UAH
Instillation of urethra/urine bladder (without cost of medications)
300 UAH
Intracavernous injection (without cost of medication)
600 UAH
Blockade of the spermatic cord
700 UAH
Urethral bougienage
900 UAH
Cystostoma changing (without cost of catheter)
900 UAH
Urine bladder catheterization (without cost of catheter)
400 UAH
Treatment of genital warts, papillomas of genital organs by medications (urology)
500 UAH
Radiowave treatment of genital warts, papillomas of genital organs (up to 3 elements)
1 100 UAH
Post-surgery bandage (urology)
400 UAH
Foreskin sanation for boys
400 UAH

Kidney disease

The kidneys are paired organs located in the retroperitoneal space, on the sides of the spine. Their main function is to produce urine and excrete fluids and metabolic waste products. Kidney diseases are abnormalities caused by a malfunction of the kidneys, the formation of urine, and the maintenance of the acidity of bodily fluids.

Types of kidney disease

  •  pyelonephritis, echinococcosis: infectious diseases of one or both kidneys;
  •  kidney trauma;
  •  toxic - drug-induced, toxigenic, radiation damage;
  •  kidney tumours;
  •  heredity (cystinosis, Wilson's disease);
  •  tubulopathies (damage to the tubules);
  •  developmental abnormalities.

Symptoms of kidney disease
Depending on what type of disease the patient has, the symptoms may vary. But it is worth seeing your doctor if you have:

  •  any kind of pain in the lower back (kidney area): sharp, aching, cramping;
  •  too much urine per day (more than 2 litres) or too little urine (less than 500 ml per day);
  •  frequent urination (more than 12-15 times a day);
  •  urinating in tiny portions;
  •  pain while urinating;
  •  frequent urges to urinate at night, while during the day they are rare.

Diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease
If you contact Universum Clinic, you will receive a consultation from an experienced urologist. The doctor will examine you, collect your anamnesis, prescribe the necessary urine tests and ultrasound examinations of the kidneys. As a result, a comprehensive treatment will be prescribed to help you get rid of your symptoms in the shortest possible time and get back to a normal life.

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