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Гінекологія General Surgery
Consultation of a surgeon
1 000 UAH
Follow-up consultation of a surgeon
500 UAH
Drainage removal
400 UAH
Tick removal
500 UAH
Drainage insertion
800 UAH
Surgical centesis
500 UAH
Putting sutures
800 UAH
Local anesthesia
400 UAH
Removal of sutures
400 UAH
Local application anesthesia
700 UAH
Surgical treatment of deep-seated phlegmon, hidradenitis, furuncle, carbuncles, abscesses of soft tissues
4 000 UAH
Surgical treatment of superficial -seated phlegmon, hidradenitis, furuncle, carbuncles, abscesses of soft tissues
2 000 UAH
Surgical treatment of wounds, burns, frostbite with a surgical bandage
800 UAH
Surgical bandage
500 UAH
Surgical removal of benign soft tissue tumors with anesthesia
2 900 UAH
Removal of foreign bodies
1 200 UAH
Conservative management of the hygroma (puncture, medication)
2 400 UAH
Surgical treatment of hygroma
4 300 UAH
Laser surgical treatment for an ingrown nail, a benign soft tissue tumors
2 700 UAH
Diagnostic and therapeutic puncture of the abdominal or pleural cavity under ultrasound control
2 700 UAH
Laser mole (nevus) removing
4 400 UAH
Laser papilloma/verruca removing (etc.) (Dermatology)
2 700 UAH
Miniinvasive ingrown nail treatment
4 700 UAH
Miniinvasive lipoma/ganglion cyst removing
5 700 UAH
Providing surgical care for more than 1 hour
3 000 UAH

If there are suspicions of diseases requiring surgery, acute pain or injury, it is worth consulting with a physician surgeon of a private clinic. The professional activity of the doctor is aimed at a detailed examination of adults and children with surgical pathologies, making an accurate diagnosis and prescribing correct therapy. "Universum Clinic" doctors apply for client treatment new approaches and operational methods, guided by approved protocols of evidence-based medicine.

Surgeon's consultation

The capabilities of modern surgery allow for surgical intervention to eliminate a huge number of diseases. Any organ of the body in the presence of appropriate indications can be subjected to surgical treatment. It is important to make an appointment with a surgeon in time, and receive competent comprehensive medical care. During the consultation, the doctor will conduct a detailed examination, identify problems and propose options for comprehensive solutions developed to effectively eliminate diagnosed diseases, preserve and extend health.

Worrying symptoms

To protect yourself from complications, an appointment to the surgeon at the "Universum Clinic" should be made in the presence of the following symptoms:

  • body wounds that do not heal for 2 weeks (especially on the legs);
  • presence of painful seals on the body, pustules, asymptomatic formations;
  • severe acute abdominal pain;
  • thickened lymph nodes or mammary glands, with skin changes above them, pain on palpation;
  • black stool;
  • vomiting with blood impurities;
  • an ingrown nail with possible inflammation.

Diseases that we treat

Certified equipment, carefully selected staff of professionals and availability of diagnostic tools with powerful functionality allows surgeons to treat a wide range of diseases in Kyiv clinic:

  • varicose vein disease (varicosis);
  • cholecystitis (acute and chronic);
  • abscesses;
  • phlegmons;
  • lipomas;
  • papillomas and condylomas;
  • atheromes;
  • ingrown fingernail.

The operations that we perform:

  • removal of benign formation of subcutaneous fatty tissue;
  • biopsy of the neoplasm;
  • removal of a tick;
  • autopsy of the boil, abscess, hematoma (with or without ultrasound control);
  • suturing the wound;
  • surgical treatment of phlegmons/hydradenitis/hangnails;
  • surgical treatment of wounds;
  • removal of skin neoplasms.

Applied diagnostic methods

In Kyiv, at the Universum Clinic, surgeons begin to receive clients with a full examination and detailed analysis of symptoms. They are used for error-free determination of the disease and a variety of methods of endoscopic, laboratory, ultrasound diagnostics. Among them:

  • blood analysis;
  • urine analysis;
  • dopplerography;
  • CT (computer tomography);
  • endoscopy;
  • X-ray.

Treatment at Universum Clinic: comprehensive care

If the therapeutic treatment is ineffective or impossible, clients are referred to a surgeon. After assessing the current state of health, the doctor will offer the most justified and effective methods of therapy in a particular situation. Doctor will not just help to forget about tiring pains, discomfort and other unpleasant symptoms. He will accompany the person on the way to recovery and full rehabilitation of  life quality, providing a comprehensive plan of action to address identified problems.

Private Clinic Surgery: Cost

The price of the surgeon's services is given in the table. You can get to know the set tariffs online at any convenient time.


In the surgical department of "Universum Clinic" doctors apply a multidisciplinary approach to work, acting competently, responsibly and professionally. They know the basics of effective visitor service, surround each client with comprehensive support and caring attitude.

To maintain the level of qualification of specialists, the clinic has launched an internal training system. Doctors also improve their knowledge and gain invaluable practical experience by participating in educational programs in Ukraine and abroad.

Cholak Vladyslav
Cholak Vladyslav
Orthopedist, Traumatologist, Surgeon, Proctologist
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Ambartsumian Stepan
Ambartsumian Stepan
Proctologist, Surgeon, Vascular surgeon, Phlebologist
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