General Surgery
Consultation of a surgeon
1 000 UAH
Follow-up consultation of a surgeon
500 UAH
Drainage removal
400 UAH
Tick removal
500 UAH
Drainage insertion
800 UAH
Surgical centesis
500 UAH
Putting sutures
800 UAH
Local anesthesia
400 UAH
Removal of sutures
400 UAH
Local application anesthesia
700 UAH
Surgical treatment of deep-seated phlegmon, hidradenitis, furuncle, carbuncles, abscesses of soft tissues
4 000 UAH
Surgical treatment of superficial -seated phlegmon, hidradenitis, furuncle, carbuncles, abscesses of soft tissues
2 000 UAH
Surgical treatment of wounds, burns, frostbite with a surgical bandage
800 UAH
Surgical bandage
500 UAH
Surgical removal of benign soft tissue tumors with anesthesia
2 900 UAH
Removal of foreign bodies
1 200 UAH
Conservative management of the hygroma (puncture, medication)
2 400 UAH
Surgical treatment of hygroma
4 300 UAH
Laser surgical treatment for an ingrown nail, a benign soft tissue tumors
2 700 UAH
Diagnostic and therapeutic puncture of the abdominal or pleural cavity under ultrasound control
2 700 UAH
Laser mole (nevus) removing
4 400 UAH
Laser papilloma/verruca removing (etc.) (Dermatology)
2 700 UAH
Miniinvasive ingrown nail treatment
4 700 UAH
Miniinvasive lipoma/ganglion cyst removing
5 700 UAH
Providing surgical care for more than 1 hour
3 000 UAH
Ambartsumian Stepan
Ambartsumian Stepan
Proctologist, Surgeon, Vascular surgeon, Phlebologist
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