laser treatment
children and adults
all without pain
quick rehabilitation
General Surgery
Consultation of a surgeon
1 000 UAH
Follow-up consultation of a surgeon
900 UAH
Drainage removal
600 UAH
Tick removal
1 000 UAH
Drainage insertion
1 000 UAH
Surgical or orthopedic centesis
1 500 UAH
Putting sutures
1 000 UAH
Local anesthesia
500 UAH
Removal of sutures
650 UAH
Local application anesthesia
600 UAH
Surgical treatment of deep-seated phlegmon, hidradenitis, furuncle, carbuncles, abscesses of soft tissues
6 000 UAH
Surgical treatment of superficial -seated phlegmon, hidradenitis, furuncle, carbuncles, abscesses of soft tissues
3 500 UAH
Surgical treatment of wounds, burns, frostbite with a surgical bandage
1 200 UAH
Surgical bandage
600 UAH
Surgical removal of benign soft tissue tumors with anesthesia
3 900 UAH
Removal of foreign bodies
2 000 UAH
Conservative management of the hygroma (puncture, medication)
3 500 UAH
Surgical treatment of hygroma
6 000 UAH
Laser surgical treatment for an ingrown nail, a benign soft tissue tumors
3 700 UAH
Diagnostic and therapeutic puncture of the abdominal or pleural cavity under ultrasound control
3 700 UAH
Laser mole (nevus) removing
5 400 UAH
Laser papilloma/verruca removing (etc.) (Dermatology)
3 700 UAH
Miniinvasive ingrown nail treatment
7 200 UAH
Miniinvasive lipoma/ganglion cyst removing
8 700 UAH
Providing surgical care for more than 1 hour
4 800 UAH
Ambartsumian Stepan
Ambartsumian Stepan
Proctologist, Surgeon, Vascular surgeon, Phlebologist
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