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Consultation of a dermatologist
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Follow-up consultation of a dermatologist
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Ointmet application
200 UAH
Taking materials of skin, subcutaneous tissue and soft tissue for pathology
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Treatment of purulent lesions of the skin
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Radiowave removal of 1 papilloma, milium, wart with anesthesia, I degree of complexity
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Radiowave removal of 1 papilloma, milium, wart with anesthesia (for 1 unit)
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Cryodestruction of warts, corns, palliloms, milliums, keratoms for 1 unit
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Consultation of a dermatologist with dermatoscopy
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Follow-up consultation of a dermatologist with dermatoscopy
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Couperosis(spider veins) is a diseas characterized by impaired blood microcirculation, which leads to vessel fragility and the formation of 'spider veins'. They occur more frequently on the face: on the cheeks, nose and chin. They are typical for dry skin and can occur at any age, but are most common after the age of 35.


Causes of couperosis

Couperosis can be congenital, linked to genetics as well as hereditary congenital diseases.

Acquired couperosis can be caused by:

  • moving to another country with a drastic change in climatic conditions;
  • hard physical work;
  • frequent stress, nervous exhaustion;
  • chronic illnesses;
  • an unhealthy diet high in fast carbohydrates;
  • ultraviolet light;
  • taking hormones.

Symptoms of couperosis

The key symptom is redness of the skin due to dilated capillaries. Spider veins appear on the nose, chin, forehead and neck. Moreover, it also can occur on the legs. Pain, itching and burning can occur in the area of the onset of the disease.



Treatment of couperosis

Treatment should be comprehensive and individualised. The earlier the problem is treated, the better the chances of a successful recovery. The doctors of Universum Clinic use the latest technologies and methods in treating couperosis.

In the treatment of couperosis, topical agents are used to protect the skin from the harmful effects of external factors as well as drugs that improve the condition of the blood vessels. In addition, laser therapy, electrocoagulation and ozone therapy are used in advanced cases.

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