Mycosis (fungus of the skin, nails)

300 UAH
Consultation of a dermatologist
1 000 UAH
Follow-up consultation of a dermatologist
900 UAH
Ointmet application
200 UAH
Taking materials of skin, subcutaneous tissue and soft tissue for pathology
500 UAH
Treatment of purulent lesions of the skin
300 UAH
Radiowave removal of 1 papilloma, milium, wart with anesthesia, I degree of complexity
500 UAH
Radiowave removal of 1 papilloma, milium, wart with anesthesia (for 1 unit)
300 UAH
Cryodestruction of warts, corns, palliloms, milliums, keratoms for 1 unit
450 UAH
Consultation of a dermatologist with dermatoscopy
1 200 UAH
Follow-up consultation of a dermatologist with dermatoscopy
950 UAH

Mycosis is an infectious fungal disease. Fungal spores can enter the body not only through cracks and wounds in the skin, but also through the respiratory tract and mucous membranes. Places where you can be infected with the fungus are public beaches, swimming pools, gyms and changing rooms.


Causes of mycosis:

  •  weakened immune system;
  •  diabetes mellitus;
  •  microtraumas, cracks in the skin;
  •  use of other people's shoes, clothes, towels, combs, if the person has the disease;
  •  frequent treatment with antibiotics;
  •  manicure and pedicure tools that have not been sufficiently sterilized;
  •  irrational diet;
  •  severe sweating.

Mycosis symptoms:

Itching, peeling skin, blistering, redness, pain, discoloration of toenails and their flaking all point to fungus. However, as the symptoms may be similar to other symptoms of skin diseases, when you first discover a problem it is important to see a dermatologist immediately, who can help you accurately diagnose it and prescribe treatment.


Treatment of fungus:

Based on the clinical picture and the patient's medical history, the doctor prescribes antifungal creams and ointments that work locally at the affected area. Depending on the severity of the disease, treatment may take up to several months. The doctor controls the dynamics of the disease, makes adjustments to the treatment regimen until the patient is fully recovered.
The doctors at Universum Clinic are experienced in the treatment of fungal diseases, always select an individual treatment regimen for each patient and monitor the process throughout the entire treatment period.

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